Gaming Music For Your Halloween – Vol. 7

Gaming Music For Your Halloween – Vol. 7

Hey everyone! Welcome back to Mammoth Gamers’ musical countdown to Halloween! Wouldn’t you know it, we are now only one day away from Halloween and the near end of this limited series. But that’s okay. Halloween may only come around once a year, but gaming frights and spooks are plentiful year round. So let’s kick off Vol. 7 today and have some fun.

The Underworld – Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse

Mud Bog Island is single-handedly the most jarring area you have to explore in Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse. It’s on this island where the entrance to the Underworld lies. In fact, whatever became of the tortured souls dwelling on this island must have been cursed to endure a terrible fate forever. Sure there’s an island in the game teeming with undead zombies, but that seems preferable to Mud Bog Island. Here there are creatures similar to Venom symbiotes that try to snap at you, bats and spiders, and a Grim Reaper-esque guardian that blocks your path to the island’s dungeon, and that’s not even the deepest point you can go in the Underworld. How about the Oubliette of Suffering? That has a nice ring to it. When you do clamber deeper inside the island, you’ll find there’s also a twinge of sadness concerning one of the game’s many characters.

GFS Valhalla – Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

As I’ve stated in a previous volume, the Metroid series has a fine knack for dialing up the element of fear when it’s necessary. When it’s not already at a high it’s usually coasting along at a thrilling pace. Samus Aran is already a lone bounty hunter and what I like so much about the Metroid Prime Trilogy is that you can witness that feeling of isolation and purpose from the eyes of Samus herself in these first-person adventures. The trilogy nearly comes to a close when Samus is tasked with retrieving power cells, one of which is onboard the GFS Valhalla, a derelict battleship that went mysteriously missing. Immediately when you’re onboard, the music alone sets up the horrors within the ship. Phazon-mutated creatures had overtaken the ship and killed everyone and everything aboard, both Galactic Federation and Space Pirates alike. As Samus ventures deeper into the ship she’s surrounded by rotting and mangled corpses.

Go Tell Aunt Rhody – Resident Evil 7

I had the most shocking pleasure to play the entirety of Resident Evil 7 on PSVR. All the disgusting stomach churning gore, all the jumpscares, all of it happened right in my face. Not to toot my own horn but I also enabled full motion for the PSVR headset and when I had finally conquered the motion sickness, the game stomped the doors down with the frights like everyone in the Baker family. Resident Evil 7 remains my all time favorite experience on the PSVR platform. It was fulfilling from start to finish. I legitimately feared moving forward to keep the story going, and with the use of VR I honestly checked every corner and peaked down every hallway. That being said, it’s almost obscenely funny that nursery rhymes and lullabies serve two extremes: to console children and to terrify children. When the credits roll, the entirety of the Resident Evil 7 experience gets a cherry on top with this spine-tingling rendition of a familiar folk song.

Fear – Catherine

I have to admit that Catherine is one of the most unique Atlus games that I have ever played. It features the striking and familiar artstyle of the Persona series, but it plays nothing like it. Catherine can best be described as part platformer, puzzle, and dating simulator… oh and drinking simulator. By day everything seems fine and dandy in Vincent’s life. He’s got the love and appreciation of his girlfriend, Katherine, and gets to hang out with his friends and eat pizza at the Stray Sheep. His life takes a disturbing turn when Catherine comes into his life. A flirtatious temptress, it’s up to players to choose how Vincent goes about fixing his problems. It’s at night where Vincent is at his most vulnerable, however. There have been daily reports of men mysteriously dying in their sleep. These men are actually caught in a nightly struggle to climb their way out of a nightmare in order to live another day. For if you die in your dream, you also die in the real world.

Ghost of Rattman – Portal 2

On its surface, Portal 2 sounds like another fun romp at Aperture Science solving GLaDOS’ many tests. I’ll never forget how awed I was to see just how much of Aperture Science there is to explore. Its test chambers run so very deep into the earth and its history with it. In the right conditions, the use of being alone can be far more scary than something scary placed right in front of you. Chell wakes up one day to find the testing facilities to be in shambles, like decades or even a century has elapsed. Throughout the many test chambers there’s writing and scribbles on the walls, evidence of sanity long broken. Some of this writing belongs to Rattman, a scientist working at Aperture. Rattman is actually a paranoid schizophrenic and it shows. His fate is never revealed and is left up to speculation. There are still whispers in the depths of Aperture Science. Did Rattman mean to help Chell? Perhaps from beyond the grave? His frantic wall writings beckon Chell not to trust GLaDOS.“The cake is a lie, the cake is a lie, the cake is a lie, the cake is a lie…”

And so we are left with but one more day until Halloween. Tomorrow we’ll wrap up our musical playlist. Please remember that there are many previous volumes with music that we’ve compiled. They’re all available for your listening pleasure. So keep it here to Mammoth Gamers and we’ll see you tomorrow for some more creepy music!

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