Gaming Music For Your Halloween – Vol. 8

Mammoth Gamers is wishing you a Happy (and Frightful) Halloween! If you’ve stuck with us this far that means you’re ready for the final volume in our “countdown to Halloween” series in which we share some of our favorite video game music for the occasion. This now makes volume 8. While it’ll be sad to see it go, creepy video game music happens year round. If you’ve missed any of our previous compilations do make sure that you check out the seven previous installments.

Ghost House – Super Mario World

This one is an instant classic that was closely tied with the Castle theme from Super Mario World. However, I think an entire house filled with Boos and all manner of ghosts takes the cake. There were so many of them spread throughout each island that Mario explored. I like that each stage shows Mario walking about to the front door of the ghost house as that eerie chime begins to play, then there’s the slow cracking open of the door as Mario heads inside. I mean have you ever stopped to consider what a badass Mario is for going straight inside? I’m serious. These levels always end with the goal post in the backyard of the ghost house. Anyone could easily just go around the house and call it a day but Mario ain’t afraid of no ghosts.

Arbiter’s Grounds – The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

This is kind of a follow-up to my inclusion of “Midna’s Lament”, also from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. When Midna is restored to safety, she and Link undertake a quest to track down the fragments of the Mirror of Twilight to gain access to the Twilight Realm and defeat Zant. One fragment is hidden in the Arbiter’s Grounds within the Gerudo Desert. It’s already an arid and desolate place. The Arbiter’s Grounds once acted as a prison for Hyrule’s most notorious criminals. In fact, it was the same area where Ganondorf himself was chained up to face his execution. The interior of the grounds is littered with undead, some of which are contained within the very walls themselves. How morbid to think that some prisoners were sealed in a wall for their execution. But I’ll never forget how terrified I was to confront the Death Sword in the darkest depths of the dungeon.

Chozo Ruins Depths – Metroid Prime

Sometimes the most frightening thing about an unsettling area you’re in is the complete lack of anything and everything. When Samus Aran happens upon the depths of the Chozo Ruins, where there should be familiar faces (the Chozo raised an orphaned Samus), there is virtually nothing left of the civilization save their many journals and logbooks. The historical logs are what makes the profound sorrow of the Chozo’s fate all too real. The logs detail their discovery of the planet Tallon IV, their desire to fellowship with nature over science, and the raising of the “Hatchling” (Samus). Things take a very dark turn when an immense meteor of pure Phazon impacts Tallon IV, slowly corrupting the planet and biological life on the planet. In their desperation the Chozo sealed the Impact Crater to slow the torrent of Phazon corruption. Their logs show their pleas and hopes for the “Hatchlings” return to save them. The logs then show their slow and sad descent into madness, until their very wrathful spirits haunt the depths of the Chozo Ruins.

Zoness – Star Fox 64

The planet of Zoness is yet another depiction of such a terrible tragedy in a video game. One of the things I enjoyed most about Star Fox 64 was its use of voice acting, which I think still holds up very well to this day. When the level begins Peppy instantly remarks, “This is Zoness?!”, to which Falco responds, “I can’t believe they did this.” Zoness, at one point, was a paradise planet in the Lylat System. It was also home to numerous aquatic lifeforms that flourished as the predominant life on the planet. When Andross seized control of the Lylat System he secretly conquered the planet and used it as his own personal toxic waste dump. The once crystal blue oceans of Zoness became a horrid green sludge. The native lifeforms of the planet also became horribly mutated to the toxic radiation of the ceaseless dumps.

Factory Investigation – Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards

You got that right. There’s always some sort of horrible truth deep down in the recesses of every Kirby game. For Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards, that horrible truth lies buried deep beneath the eternal ice age of the planet Shiver Star. That’s because Shiver Star is actually a post-apocalyptic Earth and the human population has long since died out. The only thing left “living” in the world now is made of metal. Robots have taken up residence of the planet and have a constant workload in a mysterious factory. Did humanity get so technologically advanced that the robots became self-aware and toppled their organic overlords? Did the humans maybe see no escape from the coming nuclear winter and just held their loved ones close until the end? We may never know, but something keeps this factory running long after the disappearance of the human species. Who or what is it? All we can hear is the unending grinding of gears and the fires of industry.

I think I wanted to end with an element of hopelessness with this final Halloween-themed musical playlist. Now’s a good reason to replay some of these great games to see what feelings the music can conjure up. I had a lot of fun putting these compilations together and I hope you enjoyed listening to what I had to share. Thank you for tuning in every day this past week. As always there’s plenty more music to listen to if you’re late to the party, so be sure to look out for our previous compilations on the site. Once again, we here at Mammoth Gamers wish you a Happy Halloween!

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