Gaming Music For Your Halloween – Vol. 2

Gaming Music For Your Halloween – Vol. 2

Welcome back to Mammoth Gamer’s Halloween gaming music playlist! Next up is the second volume in our compilation. Whether it’s whimsical, sinister, creepy, atmospheric, or something in between, we want to spend some time listening to good music from some of our favorite games as we creep closer to Halloween. Enjoy!

Ballora’s Gallery – Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location

Truth be told, I have never played a single game in the entirety of the Five Nights at Freddy’s series of games. I don’t know how long I could hold up to the surprise jump-scares. I’ve only watched some YouTubers play the games, and I’m especially interested in the cryptic lore of the franchise. That being said, one of the musical pieces that stood out over the years was the theme of Ballora’s gallery from Sister Location. Ballora is ballerina animatronic, and her music is reminiscent of those wind-up jewelry boxes with a ballerina figure in them. Sister Location takes something that sounds sweet and innocent and inverts that into something dreadful. That’s because this music plays as Ballora stalks you, while twirling, as you crawl across the floor. The neat thing is that, if you play with headphones, you can track Ballora’s movement in her gallery as the music accurately drifts from one ear to the other. Do you risk her killing you by making a mad scramble for the next door or do you take your time despite the creep factor?

Bowser’s Castle – Mario Kart 64

Mario Kart 64 is single handedly the game I played the most with friends and family over the years. There was always fun to be had whether we went straight to the game’s battle mode, or took it to the racetracks to see who would come in first place. Bowser’s Castle has been a series mainstay since the beginning, but no interpretation of the racetrack has given me the creeps like the one seen in Mario Kart 64. The entire castle is surrounded by an endless sea of lava for one. The interior of the racetrack is another scary story. A stone statue of Bowser found after the entrance to the castle spews fire from its mouth. There are bridges suspended over boiling lava. To this day I don’t understand why in the Mushroom Kingdom there’s a lone green Thwomp contained behind prison bars while its brothers roam free to smash the racers within the castle. Seriously, what did it do to end up incarcerated in the Mario equivalent of Alcatraz but ten times worse?

Submerged Temple – Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

While this is a variation on the Red Soil Brinstar theme from Super Metroid, I like what Metroid Prime 2 did with it. Samus Aran comes to investigate Torvus Bog, which was once a beautiful, sprawling forest before a leviathan meteor, containing poisonous phazon, crashed into the planet of Aether. The phazon corruption turned the forest into a murky swamp, and the creatures dwelling in it were also mutated into monstrous forms. At some point Samus must venture deeper into the bog through the submerged temple, where this theme plays. I always felt nervous in this place, and was always hesitant to back-track to this area. That’s because, when you first happen upon this temple, Samus’ visibility and movement is severely hindered by the dark waters of the bog. Another thing that terrified me were the grenchlers, hideous bipedal creatures with razor sharp teeth, claws, and a horn perfect for spearing the thickest of armor. Nothing sends a shiver down your spine like gunning it for the nearest door, only to hear a grenchler charging for you right up until the door locks behind you.

Lavender Town – Pokémon Red, Blue, and Yellow

What is there to say about Lavender Town? Let’s start within the context of the game. Lavender Town is home to the Pokémon Tower, a graveyard where trainers and Pokémon aficionados take their pocket monsters to bury them after they’ve given up the ghost. The graveyard is haunted by numerous ghost-type Pokémon like Ghastly. A creepypasta story has alleged that, in 1996, the Lavender Town theme caused over 100 suicides of Japanese children. Other suspicious activity during the time included headaches, nosebleeds, seizures, and irritable behavior. Another disturbing fan theory is that the player character often crosses paths with their rival, named “Blue”, for the occasional battle. Blue would regularly use Raticate in his rotation. When Blue challenges you to a Pokémon battle in the Pokémon Tower, he uses Raticate yet again. However, every battle with Blue after that encounter reveals that Raticate is never used in his lineup again, leading players to wonder if they killed Raticate, who may now lie dead within the Pokémon Tower.

Fakery Way – Sonic Adventure

There’s a reason why I haven’t played through Amy Rose’s story in Sonic Adventure. I mean poor Amy is constantly being stalked by one of Dr. Robotnik’s robot henchmen, called Zero, throughout each and every level in her campaign. That I can handle with no problem. However, there comes a point when Amy reaches an amusement park called Twinkle Park, and in it is a castle-themed fun house. What comes to mind when you think of a fun house? Mirrors, that’s correct. The music alone is already eerily imposing, and to couple that with halls and halls of mirrors is very unsettling… for a Sonic the Hedgehog game! Don’t forget that you’re being hunted by a creepy robot the entire time, and Amy doesn’t have Sonic’s speed to make a run for it. Just when you think you’ve shaken Zero off, you’ll jump out of your seat in horror when he crashes through head-first through a wall to continue the chase.

That’ll do it for Vol. 2! Missed Vol. 1? Check it out here. Stay tuned with Mammoth Gamers for the next volume as we count our way down to Halloween! What are some of your favorite scary gaming tunes?

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