SEGA Wants Dreamcast Games on the Switch

SEGA Wants Dreamcast Games on the Switch

With SEGA AGES on the way, a lot of Sega fans are excited to be able to play their favorites on the Nintendo Switch. Sega hopes to bring a large number of their titles to the Nintendo Switch. The selection of titles they plan on bringing back so far is their more popular titles from before the Dreamcast, with a few small fan favorites from the Dreamcast. After a Twitter poll on what Dreamcast game fans would most like to see a return of on the Switch, Sega started suggesting the idea of many Dreamcast titles coming as standalones from their AGES project. They have hinted that the Nintendo Switch can not only handle emulating Dreamcast games, but they could also use the source code of the games to create ports.

In an interview, translated by nintendoeverything.com, M2 president Naoki Horii stated, “It seemed likely that we’d be able to emulate Dreamcast software on the Nintendo Switch. Depending on whether you’re emulating software or remaking the source code entirely, porting something is completely different. I think SEGA chose some of the titles based on that – no doubt emulation increased the number of titles they were able to choose from.” AGES project supervisor Yosuke Okunari, continues on by stating that their Twitter poll on which Dreamcast title fans would most like to see in SEGA AGES had a lot of influence on their opinion about bringing Dreamcast games to the Switch. Okunari is unsure if he’d like to see Dreamcast ports being treated in the same way that Virtual Console titles are, or if he’d like to see them with no added content. Okunari goes on to explain how Virtual Console titles are just the titles as we know and love them, where other ports or releases are the original game with added features.

At the time of this article, it is unclear as to what SEGA’s plans for future projects involving the Dreamcast are. They do plan on including some loved titles in their AGES project, but they have yet to set anything else in stone. It may be that they are waiting to see how well their AGES project goes with fans first.

In other Sega news, the company recently revealed that they canceled a full remake of Shenmue.

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