First MediEvil Remake Trailer Released

First MediEvil Remake Trailer Released

After teasing a Halloween surprise, SIE Worldwide Studios Chairman, Shawn Layden, posted the first trailer to the MediEvil remake on the PlayStation Blog.

The project was first mentioned at PSX 2017, which the company is forgoing this year, when Layden used his tradition of teasing games on what shirt he wears during a conference. The remake, first said to be a remaster, is being rebuilt “from the grave up.”



The trailer shows Sir Dan fighting his way through zombies and werewolves, all in 4K. Comparisons to the original PlayStation title are stitched in the trailer, showing fans the transformation to a modern day game.

The original MediEvil launched on the PS1 in 1998 and followed Sir Dan, a soldier who lost his life too early on the battlefield. He gets a chance at redemption when the evil sorcerer Lord Zarok resurrects him 100 years after he first parishes. The original was developed by SCE Cambridge who also developed a sequel. MediEvil: Resurrection is a re-imagining of the first game and launched on PSP in 2005.

The remake is being developed in a partnership with Other Ocean Interactive.

The trailer ends with a confirmation of a 2019 release date for MediEvil, which will come to PS4. When more information is released, Mammoth Gamers will keep you updated.

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