Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Nov. Direct Details

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Nov. Direct Details

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fans were treated to a bevy of news this morning when Nintendo released the last Direct for the game before its December 7 release date. You can watch the entire 40-minute presentation below, but we have a recap for you.

To start with, game director Masahiro Sakurai revealed what is the last two fighters joining the roster. Ken, from the Street Fighter series, and Incineroar, from the Pokemon franchise. Ken is an echo fighter of Ryu, meaning the two characters moves are similar. Ken does have two super attacks, Shinryuken, a spinning uppercut, and Shippo Jinraikyaku. Incineroar is a wrestling style fighter with powerful throws. This means the roster is 74 fighters, the most in the series’ history.



Later in the presentation, Nintendo did confirm that paid DLC is coming once again to Smash Bros. Five sets in total that will include a character, stage, and music will go for $5.99 USD. The Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Fighter Pass will include all the future DLC for $24.99 USD. Nintendo committed to releasing all the DLC by February 2020.

Nintendo did confirm a surprise extra fighter in Piranha Plant, from the Super Mario Bros. series. This fighter is free for a limited time to anyone that purchases Super Smash Bros. Ultimate between now and January 31, 2019. Buyers of the physical version will need to register the game if they want the free fighter. Releasing sometime “around February 2019,” Piranha Plant’s Final Smash has the potted plant turn into Super Mario Sunshine’s Petey Piranha. An Amiibo was also confirmed for February 15, 2019.


Sakurai went in depth on the rumored Spirit mode. The mode replaces the Trophy system from the series’ past. The spirits are a variety of characters from different series, characters from Sonic, Mega Man, Pokemon, and Animal Crossing are a few examples shown. Players win spirits by battling characters that are related to them. Spirits have four tiers: novice, advanced, ace, and legend. Spirits also have other categories such as attack, grab, and shield that are stronger or weaker against each category. Think like rock, paper, scissors. Spirits level up through battling, feeding them snacks (yes, snacks), or a training mode. Certain spirits have an enhanced form that allows for even more depth.

Online multiplayer matchmaking is different for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. This time around, you can search for games in your preferred rules like Team Battle, Stock, hazards, or a certain time limit. You can also find games based off your global ranking. Sakurai did note that matches are prioritized based off location for a smooth experience. They also introduced Smash Tags, customizable monikers that you can collect when you defeat players online.

Piranha Plant

A new mobile app, called Smash World, is launching in 2019. Smash World allows you to post your gameplay footage for players all around the world to see. Nintendo is promising updates to the app.

A few new Assist Trophies were also shown off, including Dr. Wily, Thwomp, Spring Man, and Guile.

Finally, Saukrai teased a new single-player mode called World of Light with a cutscene showing the roster of Ultimate disintegrated by rays of light with only Kirby left after the attack. It looks like you’ll move around a board finding secrets and tracking down different challenges for you to take down, including fighting multiple enemies, fight enemies under certain restrictions (such as the enemy having increased speed) and boss fights. There is also a skill tree to upgrade the stats of your fighter and other unlocks to find.

This Direct was the last one before Super Smash Bros. Ultimate launches on December 7. For more, stay tuned to Mammoth Gamers.

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