A Final Farewell To Final Fantasy XV

A Final Farewell To Final Fantasy XV

Dear Final Fantasy XV,

It’s been a long and arduous journey. I know you’ve had it pretty rough. It all started with your childhood. You spent years in a literal hell, with your family unsure of what to do with you. Your older sister, Final Fantasy XIII, was spiralling out of control. She was trying so hard to please others and her family, that she lost sight of herself. It was a sad sight for the rest of us, but you took it the worst.

That’s when you made up your mind. You no longer wanted to live in the shadow of your sister. So, you changed your name and took centre stage. Only to be outshined by that upstart of a cousin, Kingdom Hearts 3. Who the does he think he is? Coming in out of nowhere and taking your spotlight. It didn’t end there. Your father, Mr Nomura was forced to abandon you.

Mr Tabata was there to ensure your project was completed. He treated you like his own child. The nice man even let you collaborate with Final Fantasy Type-0. You got a good deal out of it, but he didn’t seem too pleased about the whole ordeal. Something insignificant about taking his spotlight. But things were finally looking up for you.  It was going to be a fresh start. A chance at life that you weren’t given before. Then came the next obstacle: E3.

final fantasy xv

Artists rendition of Final Fantasy XV development.

Everything was going fine until the Microsoft demonstration. You looked like a clown out there and every mocked you for it. You didn’t do anything wrong, but that one representative messed everything up. Oh well, stuff like that happens and there’s nothing we can do about it. Even after this tragedy, you held your head high and eagerly awaited the next event.

Several months had passed, and it was finally the launch day. You’ve waited a decade for this. There were times when you wanted to quit, but you made it. Finally, the world can embrace you for what you are. Things actually started off okay. People seemed to like you well enough and there wasn’t much backlash. At first.

Then, the comparisons came. Your older brother, Final Fantasy VII, was brought up a lot. People always seem to bring him up, even when he has no business being mentioned. That attention seeking jerk! Why does he have to keep butting in his ugly, blockhead everywhere? Oh well, at least people were saying that you “weren’t as bad as Final Fantasy XIII”. You really dodged a bullet with that one, but congratulations!

final fantasy xv

Noctis dodging the haters.

One day, your Mr Tabata called you in for an important meeting. He said it was to discuss your future. Apparently, you weren’t making enough money. It was time for the brand deals. It was quite shocking to hear. This method didn’t work that well for Final Fantasy XIII and she ended up losing her sanity. Why did you have to go through the same? Oh well, she got a deal with Louis Vuitton. Maybe you could get a deal with Nike. Or even a luxury car maker like Audi.

Now, what happened next can only be described as the darkest, most tragic timeline. Your brand deal was with Cup Noodles. It was the most humiliating time of your life. Worst of all, you had to wear a giant Cup Noodles product on your head. You were a walking meme! Some people saw the funnier side of it, but they were still laughing at you. Being subject to such embarrassment must’ve hurt quite a bit. Finally, you reached your boiling point. It was time to set things right.

You reached out to the only person that cared, Final Fantasy XIV. He was only a few years older than you and could relate to having a rough start in life. He suggested that you try something called “online” and “DLC”. You had no idea what those things where so you asked your father about it. He seemed to reject the very idea at first. However, he finally yielded and said it was okay for you to participate.

The online and DLC was met with lukewarm reception. Your loyal fans enjoyed it, but the outside crowd didn’t seem too interested. That was fine with you. As long as a few people would stick by you, it didn’t matter. And things started to get better. You were improving every day and starting to meet people’s expectations. You were finally getting settled.

Even the brand deals got better. First, there was a collaboration with Assassins Creed Origins. It was a lively event and you made an awesome new friend. You even got a phone call from Tekken 7 to take part in the King of the Iron Fist Tournament. Over there you met a whole bunch of new people from all over the world. It was an amazing experience. Of course, Final Fantasy VII bragged about being invited to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Apparently, all of the biggest stars were going to be there, like Wii Fit Trainer and the Ice Climbers.

With the momentum of the past few months, you decided it was time to finish your story. The final piece of the puzzle that was Final Fantasy XV. It was going to be a big deal and there seemed to be excitement among the community. A 10+ year journey was finally coming to an end. Unfortunately, there was one last obstacle in your way. One that you could never overcome.

In the dying moments, everything turns dark.

Your entire funding was cut. Suddenly, you had no money left to continue your projects. Mr Tabata had no choice but to cancel everything and leave your story incomplete. No would ever know what was supposed to happen. Worst of all, Mr Tabata had to quit. He had left you, just like Mr Nomura before. At this point, your fate was uncertain. “What would happen next?”, you wondered.

What followed was an endless amount of ridicule and embarrassment. Suddenly, all of your doubters had come back to make fun of your unfortunate situation. Even your hardcore fans and supporters were finding it difficult to remain positive and defend you. People talk about the light at the end of the tunnel, but there was only darkness left for you.

To all those reading this letter, I have one request. Don’t let there be a repeat of the horrible experience endured by Final Fantasy XV. Square Enix can do much better and they should. They shouldn’t take your hard-earned money for granted. This sort of abuse towards video games should not be tolerated. After all, these are meant to be works of art, right? No one would tolerate graffiti on the Mona Lisa. So why should we tolerate a stain on the Final Fantasy brand?


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