Nintendo UK Announces ‘Indie Highlights’ Presentation

Early this morning the Nintendo UK account tweeted out an announcement for an upcoming Indie Highlights video presentation that will be airing tomorrow afternoon in the United Kingdom (which works out to 9 AM EST/6 AM PST here in the United States).

Many fans were upset earlier this month when a rumor began circulating around the internet claiming that January 10th was to be the first Nintendo Direct of the year, only to find that rumor to be false. The website, Gaming Intel, which originally broke the news, has since clarified that the upcoming Indie Highlights presentation lines up with the original news they received earlier in the month about an upcoming Nintendo showcase.

The last Indie Highlights presentation we received was back in August of 2018 and gave us a look at many upcoming Indie titles including: Undertale, Transistor, Slay The Spire, Moonlighter, This War of Mine, Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom and more! Many of these games have already been released since the last presentation, but there are still a handful of games yet to be released in 2019.

Tomorrow’s Indie Highlights presentation is sure to give us some new Indie games to look forward to in the new year, and hopefully a few surprises. We haven’t heard much about Killer Queen Black since the developer, Liquid Bit, delayed the game in a blog post last week. There is a good chance we get some more information about the game tomorrow.

Another game that garnered a lot of buzz when it was revealed during E3 last year by Devolver Digital is My Friend Pedro. This game looks absolutely bananas, no pun intended, blending stylish gameplay with absolutely brutal kills while navigating the side-scrolling world on a skateboard. Hopefully, Nintendo gives us a more in-depth look at gameplay during tomorrow’s presentation, as this is shaping up to be one of the best Indie games of 2019.

One final game that we will almost certainly see some footage for is Ape Out, another Devolver Digital published title that will be releasing very shortly after the Indie Highlights presentation, on February 7th. In Ape Out, you control a rampaging gorilla trying to escape a procedurally-generated building using anything–and anybody–in your way. The gameplay is reminiscent of the Hotline Miami games, with a top-down perspective and over-the-top violence.

Check back tomorrow for our coverage of the Nintendo Indie Highlights presentation.

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Matthew is a Freelance Gaming Journalist and also the Host and Creator of In Your Element--A Gaming Podcast.