Why Is Sora So Special?

Why Is Sora So Special?
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Ever since Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance, a game remastered in Kingdom Hearts II.8 for the PlayStation 4, I’ve been working on a theory. This game serves as the furthest most point in the series and is somewhat of a prelude to the conclusion of Kingdom Hearts for its final game in the Xehanort Saga, Kingdom Hearts III.

However, ever since playing Dream Drop, I’ve had a strange feeling toward Xehanort, the main villain of Kingdom Hearts, and how he’s related to Sora, the series’ protagonist. The similarities between Sora and Xehanort are numerous. Both are extremely strong, one in light and the other in darkness. Both were born on Destiny Island, and both have a very strong influence on hearts: Sora mends hearts while Xehanort breaks them.

In Dream Drop, when Xehanort decided to begin a new Organization XIII made up of different versions of himself from different times, I started to become confused. Even Xigbar and Sïax are versions of Xehanort, since they willingly became vessels of Xehanort. The Thirteenth member was supposed to be Riku because Riku was once a vessel for Ansem, Xehanort’s Heartless. However, Riku grew immune to the darkness and, in doing so, became useless to the Organization. So they turned their attention to Sora.

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Why Sora? He’s extremely strong in the light. He has proven many times that he is unshakeable. However, young Xehanort was not only able to infiltrate Sora heart but almost corrupted it. How? This is where I started thinking. Maybe Sora is the youngest version of Xehanort. However, that theory fell apart very quickly. The only way that could be true is if Xehanort had Sora time travel from his childhood to where we meet Sora in Kingdom Hearts, but that’s not how time travel works in the Kingdom Hearts universe. You can only influence events, not change them. Also, you cannot physically time travel. Only a heart (a soul, if you will) can move through time. However, a heart can only visit times when it has already existed. For example, if you separated your heart from your body, your heart can only visit the time from when you were born to the present. Leave it to Nomura to make an already confusing topic almost unfollowable.  

Then this teaser trailer dropped for Kingdom Hearts III, and it kinda clicked. The trailer starts where we see Sora in a nowhere land filled with a small layer of water, looking at the sky. Then it cuts to the youngest version of Xehanort we have ever seen, an uncorrupted one. We know this because this young Xehanort has blue eyes and not amber. This Xehanort is also looking at the sky.

And then it hit me. When Ventus shows himself as being too weak to be a vessel for Xehanort, Xehanort decides to separate Ven’s dark and light, creating a new being named Vanitas, a being made of all of Ventus’ darkness. However, a heart devoid of Darkness cannot survive. In result, Ventus grows weaker and nears death. This is when Sora’s heart intervenes and helps complete Ven’s fractured heart to help him live.

What if he did that to himself? What if Xehanort was so strong that when he separated his own darkness and light, it created two beings: one being the Xehanort we know, with the amber eyes, and Sora. His light just rested on Destiny Island until it was strong enough to become its own being, or it grew strong enough after Ven’s heart merged with Sora. This could potentially be Xehanort’s plan all along.

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We learn in Birth by Sleep, when Ventus and Vanitas fight, that two beings of pure light and darkness can summon the χ-Blade (chi-blade). So maybe this is Xehanort’s attempt again at doing that. The thirteen pieces of darkness versus seven beings of light might not yield the correct results. With this as a possibility, Xehanort may have prepared for this. In this case, he has one version of himself of pure darkness versus another of pure light. This would be a fail safe to spawn the χ-Blade (chi-blade).

I’m aware that this is something that may not happen. However, stranger things have happened in Kingdom Hearts. Things like the formation of Nobodies when someone becomes a Heartless, or how Roxas looks like Ventus because of their connection to Sora, or why Sora can even wield a Keyblade in the first place to name a few. Tetsuya Nomura has created a universe where light and darkness are waging war for the remaking worlds, and in this war, Heartless and Nobodies were born. Keyblade wielders and vessels now roam the galaxy, and all are fighting over a heart-shaped moon in the sky known as Kingdom Hearts.

This theory will make true Normura’s comments that this will conclude the Xehanort saga, a title that he’s given the current Kingdom Hearts story, and Sora will go on to new adventures. If I’m right, Sora and Xehanort will become whole again and Xehanort’s path into the Darkness will conclude. That also means that Sora’s story would continue within him as a reborn character. This is just poetic enough for Nomura, with how parallel it is to how Ventus and Vanitas came to be.

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In the next few weeks, I’ll be concluding my story recaps for Mammoth Gamers. These will hopefully catch anyone up if they have never played a Kingdom Hearts game as well as refresh anyone who has. Please leave comments below if you liked my theory or if you have any counterpoints. I would love to hear them. For all things Kingdom Hearts, may Mammoth Gamers be your guiding key.

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