ROKH Early Access Preview: Mars Isn’t for Everyone

by Alisa Hailon June 19, 2017
ROKH offers a complex survival experience, but a time consuming crafting system and disorganized menus will serve as a turnoff for many would-be colonists.

Boston, BioShock, and the Inspiration Behind Indie Game Perception

by Alisa Hailon May 24, 2017
During a recent Reddit AMA, the creative director for upcoming indie horror title Perception spoke on his history with BioShock helped inspire the game.
Seasons After Fall

Seasons After Fall Console Review: Beauty Over Gameplay

by Alisa Hailon May 16, 2017
Seasons After Fall excels in atmosphere and a deep sense of dark mystery that is sadly undermined by a thin storyline and puzzles that are often too simple.


Nintendo E3 2017 Plans Include Mario In A Big Way

by Alisa Hailon May 11, 2017
Nintendo has announced their plans for E3 2017 and Mario is making his next big debut. The Treehouse is back as well along with an international tournament.