NHL 18

NHL 18 Cover Athlete And New Information

by David Bahleon June 23, 2017
The cover athlete as well as some brand new details for EA Sports NHL 18 were announced at the NHL award show Wednesday Night.

Dragon Ball Fighter Z Announced At E3 2017

by David Bahleon June 14, 2017
Dragon Ball Fighter Z has been announced at E3 2017 and lets our favorite characters from the show fight it out for glory in one on one and team fights!

Xbox E3 2017 Press Conference Round Up

by David Bahleon June 12, 2017
Here we are at the end of the first of the big three’s press conferences.  The Xbox E3 2017 press confrence is in the books, and what a ride it was.  In total, Microsoft announced 42 new games, with 22 of them being exclusive. They also announced the official title of the Project Scorpio console, […]

The Darwin Project Announced at E3 2017

by David Bahleon June 11, 2017
During the Xbox E3 press conference Scavengers Studio revealed their newest title, The Darwin Project. An arena based  competitive multiplayer third-person battle royal experience with an emphasis on survival.  Players must be able to survive environmental conditions, track their opponents, craft tools, set traps and make allies to survive. The Darwin Project takes place in […]

Every Game Announced at Xbox E3 2017 Press Conference

by David Bahleon June 11, 2017
Today at the Microsoft Xbox Press conference they announced 42 new games, with 22 being exclusive!  Each game brings a different aspect to the Xbox family, and welcomes new indie developers to the Xbox systems. While some are classic games, there are a number of indie titles that have much promise.   Some attempt to […]

Xbox One X Announced At E3 2017

by David Bahleon June 11, 2017
It has been many months in the making, but we finally have details on Microsoft's latest console, the Xbox One X.

Critical Role

Critical Role, A Dungeons and Dragons Stream Hits Episode 100

by David Bahleon June 8, 2017
Dungeons and Dragons has grown in popularity over the past few years.  Helped in large part by the internet, and the work of some world class voice actors.   Streaming has become a mainstream thing these days.  Hosting everything from cooking to the MLB, you can find almost anything streaming on the internet.   But tabletop […]

E3 2017: We Do Not Need More Consoles

by David Bahleon May 28, 2017
E3 2017 is upon us. But are we really ready for the next generation of gaming consoles already?
Dungeons and Dragons

Pen to Table: My Custom Dungeons and Dragons World Part 2

by David Bahleon May 18, 2017
Running your own Dungeons and Dragons game may seem like a daunting task, and it truthfully is.  However it is also extremely rewarding if you are a creative person.  The ability to create your own world, share it with other people and have them explore it is truly remarkable. In my last piece I told […]

Deadly Premonition: The Board Game Exceeds KickStarer Goal in Under Nine Hours

by David Bahleon May 10, 2017
Rising Star Games has destroyed their Kickstater goal for the board game adaptation of the hit game Deadly Premonition. Breaking $50,000 in just under nine hours.