Disney Afternoon Collection

Six Classic Disney Games Are Getting Unvaulted in the Disney Afternoon Collection

by Brian Milleron March 15, 2017
I don’t think that Disney cares enough about games or their history with them to “vault” and “un-vault” some of the classics they’ve produced, but if they did, The Disney Afternoon Collection would be the company’s biggest un-vaulting yet. Capcom announced today that six of Disney’s classics will be released next month in a single collection, with titles spanning familiar franchises from the 80’s and 90’s.
Switch outsold Wii

Nintendo Switch Outsold Wii at Launch: Best Nintendo Launch in History

by Brian Milleron March 9, 2017
The Nintendo Switch outsold Wii in its first two days in the Americas. This is only comparing the first two days of sales for both consoles, but it’s a great start for the system.
Nintendo Switch Review

Nintendo Switch Review: Hybrid Homogenization

by Brian Milleron March 3, 2017
The biggest draw of the switch is potential. We have a platform that exists as both a home console and a viable handheld. If Nintendo and its partners take advantage of this strength, we could end up with the most diverse and resilient gaming platform ever made.

Switch Colors

Has Anyone Noticed the Switch Colors?

by Brian Milleron March 1, 2017
I might not be the only one who completely missed the clever colorization of the switch.
Breath of the Wild Spoilers

Hide From The Internet: Breath of the Wild Spoilers May Have Leaked

by Brian Milleron February 22, 2017
Breath of the Wild Spoilers do not follow. There are few secrets in our Internet-fueled society. If someone wants to learn about you, you are only a few mouse clicks away. If a movie that came out fifty years ago is bad, there is in depth discussion of its faults somewhere. Should a celebrity take […]

A 3DS Successor is Under Consideration, Here’s Why That’s a Bad Thing

by Brian Milleron February 3, 2017
Update: Clarification of Tatsumi Kimishima’s statement has surfaced today, and it seems the quotes regarding a “successor” to the 3DS were incorrectly interpreted by the original source. The quotes that appeared online yesterday were pulled from a Japanese newspaper, Kyoto Shinbun. The newspaper lifted the quotes from a recent Corporate Management Policy Briefing and Financial […]

February PlayStation plus

February Playstation Plus Freebies Revealed

by Brian Milleron February 1, 2017
Check out the freebies coming to PlayStation Plus this month!

New PlayStation VR Bundles Arriving This Month

by Brian Milleron February 1, 2017
The PlayStation VR bundles are finally back after a long hiatus!

Rise and Shine Review: Beautiful Yet Underwhelming

by Brian Milleron January 26, 2017
I love Adult Swim Games. They have been publishing some fantastic work in the indie scene, and I have loved all of it so far. But Rise and Shine may have missed the mark.

nintendo switch titles

Nintendo Switch Titles Confirmed: Launch And Beyond

by Brian Milleron January 18, 2017
Nintendo’s latest console has been officially revealed and detailed, leaving a strong impression on those who watched the presentation. The hardware is very promising, and could result in a wonderful few years for Nintendo. The only thing left for Nintendo to do is properly support the console with compelling titles to ensure it has a […]