The Great Mass Effect Andromeda DLC Debate

by Carly Frithon June 30, 2017
Kotaku has dropped the bombshell that there will be no single player DLC for Mass Effect Andromeda. But this shouldn't be a surprise to anyone.

Harvest Moon Lil Farmers Review

by Carly Frithon June 28, 2017
Harvest Moon has a large and loyal fanbase and could arguably be called one of the most popular “sim” style games out there. Natsume and Rising Star Games decided to bring the feel of Harvest Moon to the next generation of gamers.
health benefits and video games

Video Games & You – Health Benefits Of Playing Video Games

by Carly Frithon March 21, 2017
There are times in life where video games have helped us in more ways than one. For some of us, it has helped us get through difficult times providing memories that last a lifetime.

Historic Warfare – Battlefield 1 Review

by Carly Frithon November 1, 2016
I love a good first-person shooter but even I was getting tired of exosuits, jet packs, superhuman abilities, and booster rockets. I longed to go back to a more simpler game. DICE must have read my mind with Battlefield 1 because they delivered a gorgeous title that takes the player back to World War I; […]

ABZÛ – A Soulful Journey

by Carly Frithon August 10, 2016
The world of video games is as diverse as the people that play them. While many envision explosions and epic battles when they think of great games, that isn’t always how it plays out. Every once in awhile a game will sneak in, grab a hold of your imagination, and then take you on a […]