Sony E3 2017 Full List of Announcements

by Laura Mazerallon June 13, 2017
Mammoth Gamers covers the full list of trailers and exclusive content that was announced during the Sony E3 press conference.
Star Wars Celebration

May the 4th Be With You Star Wars Celebration Fans

by Laura Mazerallon May 4, 2017
The love for Star Wars Celebration is strong. This Star Wars Day, May the 4th, we look closer at the true unsung heroes of Star Wars Celebration, the fans!
Watch Dogs 2 Hacking Invasions Tips

Top 7 Watch Dogs 2 Hacking Invasion Tips

by Laura Mazerallon April 7, 2017
Here are the top 7 Watch Dogs 2 hacking invasion tips to get you climbing to the top of the leader boards while staying undetected!

Guardians of the Galaxy Telltale Games

Guardians of the Galaxy Telltale Games Trailer Revealed

by Laura Mazerallon March 30, 2017
The Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Telltale Games trailer is finally here. We have some questions about the episode titles that we'd like your help with!

Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailer Puts Parker Under Pressure

by Laura Mazerallon March 28, 2017
The second official Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer debuted today and boy was there a lot to take in. Does the suit make the man, or vice versa?
Avengers Academy

Avengers Academy: Top 4 Reasons to Play

by Laura Mazerallon March 7, 2017
Avengers Academy Avengers Academy is a free Marvel mobile game made up of time management, fourth wall breaks, and an original take on the otherwise well steeped characters and lore of the Marvel universe. I’ve been playing this gem of a title since launch on a near daily basis. It’s held my attention like few games, […]

Smashing News, Planet Hulk #1 Debuts in May

by Laura Mazerallon April 21, 2015
With all the internet murmurs and pleas for a Planet Hulk movie, it comes as little surprise that Marvel is re-launching this particular comic book series. What does come as somewhat of a surprise (thought it really shouldn’t), is just how incredibly epic the preview images and latest story line sound! Welcome to the cheekily named […]
Mini Jambox

Jawbone MINI JAMBOX Review

by Laura Mazerallon April 1, 2015
The following review is based off of owning a Jawbone MINI JAMBOX for a period of four months. For years I’ve desperately wanted a Bluetooth speaker that could hold up to my high standards of audio quality while still being easy-ish on the wallet. Given just how packed the wireless speaker market is I found […]
We Happy Few

PAX East 2015: We Happy Few Hands On

by Laura Mazerallon March 13, 2015
We Happy Few has the distinct privilege of being the game that reminded me why I love conventions. Don’t get me wrong, cons are great! However, after you’ve been to a few dozen you get a little jaded. Seeing the upcoming releases is a brief rush of excitement. Facing off against strangers on newly released games is […]

PAX East 2015: Starwhal Review

by Laura Mazerallon March 11, 2015
Many games can never quite tell their full story in the title. To put all the blood, sweat, and tears that come with making a game into just a few words can be daunting. Will the audience understand the vision? Will the title hook them enough to see the trailer where they will learn the […]