Excubitor Review [PC]

by LostPoetB24on June 16, 2016
Recently I was given the chance to check out a game title Excubitor, a bullet hell laced tower defense game. Excubitor was a unique experience that offered a fun ride with some minor annoyances from the start. Don’t let that stop you from checking out the unique title and supporting a great developer. As the […]

Life Goes On Done to Death [PS4 Review]

by LostPoetB24on May 17, 2016
Death, something we fear something we try not to run towards, if anything at all costs we try to stay far away from. When playing video games this is just as true, in the days past lives on games were precious. Even when you fast forward to today’s gaming worlds lives are something that we […]

Killer Instinct: Season 3 Impressions

by LostPoetB24on April 11, 2016
Let me preface this experience with a small fact that fighting games are not my specialty; mostly dabbling in them here and there. As a genre of gaming goes, it is easy to see why there is a crowd for such games. Electricity seems to flow once you get started into these types of games. […]

Devastator Puts Macabre in Zine

by LostPoetB24on April 15, 2015
Macabre, Zany, Obscure, Objectionable, Hilarious, Killer Cuteness…peaked interest yet? No, well then sorry that your feeble mind can not handle the awesome that is The Devastator, a quirky collection of stories crossing a crazy gap of interests. No one genre is safe from a bit of rib jabbing hilarity or the full on obscure treatment. […]

Ironcast Strikes PS4 & Xbox One

by LostPoetB24on March 31, 2015
Victorian Steampunk Turn-based mech combat you say! Why this sounds delightful where are my tea and crumpets when I need them? Don your top hat and bonnet as the Iron age reigns supreme once again in Ironcast. Brought to PC a few months ago the game reveled players with giant mech combat in a new […]

Anti-Social Becomes Social With ZergID

by LostPoetB24on March 18, 2015
Imagine if you would standing in the middle of a crowded room where no one knows you but every one is there for the same reason. Hours pass as you stand waiting for anyone to hint they want to talk. Soon there are over a thousand more people still you are a solitary force. Wouldn’t […]

No fools Show Twitch Love to Two

by LostPoetB24on March 11, 2015
Twitch is the ultimate “hold my drink and watch this” area for gamers wanting to stream how awesome/fail they are at games. Users can come watch new games, old games or just some gaming randomness. Streamers get that good old couch co-op feel, just like an old friend is sitting there beside them back seat […]

In the Black of the White Night

by LostPoetB24on March 4, 2015
Horror games have taken a step away from the classic styles, much of the scares are hinged on blood, gore or quick jump scares. Scratching your head you may be thinking but wait didn’t the classic horror games also include these elements? Why yes you would be correct but the way it was implemented was […]