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The ill Popcorn Podcast Episode 20: Paxt

by Jennifer Rebeccaon September 14, 2016
Welcome to the newest episode of The ill Popcorn Podcast! After a rather glorious week in Seattle WA for PAX West (you’ll always be Prime in my heart!) we’re back to bring you news and our typical ridiculousness. Afraid to listen in? Well, here’s a brief summary… Sony shoots itself in the foot, Seattle’s beer is bad, […]

PAX East 2015: A Mammoth Hands On with Gigantic

by Jennifer Rebeccaon March 18, 2015
One of the biggest games of PAX East, and PAX South for that matter, would have to be Motiga’s Gigantic. I had the pleasure of playing this game at both events and am very excited for it. Currently in early Alpha, Gigantic is shaping up to be a unique take on the MOBA genre. Now […]