Nintendo Direct

Nintendo Direct Recap and Reaction

by Ken Borteron April 13, 2017
Wednesday's Nintendo Direct was filled to the brim with some new games, new tech, and new hope as the Switch has some promise for the future.
Watch Dogs 2 Hacking Invasions Tips

Top 7 Watch Dogs 2 Hacking Invasion Tips

by Laura Mazerallon April 7, 2017
Here are the top 7 Watch Dogs 2 hacking invasion tips to get you climbing to the top of the leader boards while staying undetected!

The Walking Dead Season 7 Finale Review – Zombies, Tigers, and Bad, Oh My!

by Ken Borteron April 4, 2017
Season 7 of the Walking Dead is over. Rick, Negan and the rest of the gang duke it out for the first time, but was it a satisfying finale?

The Walking Dead Should Just Die Already

by Ken Borteron March 30, 2017
I know.  This is going to be a tough journey for some people, myself included.  I honestly never thought way back 7 years ago, when AMC’s hit tv show The Walking Dead started, I would be sitting here writing about how it needs to end.  The first episodes were raw, gritty, filled with blood and […]

Dave Chappelle is Back! – Stand Up Special Review

by Ken Borteron March 22, 2017
It has been 13 long years since we have seen Dave Chappelle grace the stage for a stand up special.  13 long years since Dave vanished from the comedy and Hollywood scene.  13 long years since I have had such a great time laughing at a stand up special on tv.  Dave is back and […]

PAX East 2017 Best in Show – Indie Games

by Ken Borteron March 15, 2017
PAX East is a joyous time of year where people like me get to go to a giant convention hall, see all of the best video game developers in the world, and play a bunch of games that we might never have known existed.  The big players are there like Playstation, Xbox and Nintendo, but […]

absolver logo

First Look At Absolver – PAX East 2017

by Swifton March 15, 2017
For many years any fan of martial arts has always gotten into great discussions over who’s kung fu was better than the other’s kung fu. With Absolver from Sloclap Studios we can now test who is the true master. Absolver is a hand to hand combat game that’s online and puts a true dedication to […]

First Look At Horror Game Perception From The Creators Of Bioshock – PAX East 2017

by Ken Borteron March 10, 2017
I got a chance to take a look at the upcoming horror game Perception at PAX East 2017, a game behind the minds of Bioshock and Dead Space.
Horizon Zero Dawn

Our Favorite Female Characters in Video Games

by Mammoth Gamers Staffon March 9, 2017
In honor of International Women’s Day yesterday, we wanted to share a few words about some standout female characters in video games and why we love them!

Avengers Academy

Avengers Academy: Top 4 Reasons to Play

by Laura Mazerallon March 7, 2017
Avengers Academy Avengers Academy is a free Marvel mobile game made up of time management, fourth wall breaks, and an original take on the otherwise well steeped characters and lore of the Marvel universe. I’ve been playing this gem of a title since launch on a near daily basis. It’s held my attention like few games, […]