video game burnout

Identifying and Dealing with Video Game Burnout

by Rich Casselon June 21, 2017
Many gamers use video games as a method of relaxation and stress relief, so why do some of us experience burnout from what should be fun?
Critical Role

Critical Role, A Dungeons and Dragons Stream Hits Episode 100

by David Bahleon June 8, 2017
Dungeons and Dragons has grown in popularity over the past few years.  Helped in large part by the internet, and the work of some world class voice actors.   Streaming has become a mainstream thing these days.  Hosting everything from cooking to the MLB, you can find almost anything streaming on the internet.   But tabletop […]

Where I am Setsuna falls, can Lost Sphear rise?

by Arshad Mawlaon June 8, 2017
Lost Sphear is a new game from the creators of I am Setsuna, Tokyo RPG Factory. Can it overcome the shortcomings and flaws of its predecessor?

Hearthstone: Competitive Play in a Random Playground

by Danny Lawranceon June 6, 2017
Hearthstone, the addictive card game from Blizzard, makes heavy use of random elements. Is it possible for this to coexist with competitiveness?

Madden 18: Is This The Year Good Starts To Become Great?

by Tim Kernon June 3, 2017
This year for Madden 18 is no different - the opportunity is there for the game to be not just good, but great. But will EA take advantage of the opportunity?
Injustice 2

Injustice 2 – Best/Worst Characters to Fight With

by Ken Borteron May 31, 2017
Playing through Injustice 2? Here are the best and worst characters to use as you battle your way through the Multiverse!

E3 2017: We Do Not Need More Consoles

by David Bahleon May 28, 2017
E3 2017 is upon us. But are we really ready for the next generation of gaming consoles already?
red dead redemption 2 delay

Why The Red Dead Redemption 2 Delay Doesn’t Matter

by Albert Perkinson May 25, 2017
The Red Dead Redemption 2 delay was something that should have been expected based upon Rockstar Games past history, and it probably won't matter in the long run.

Boston, BioShock, and the Inspiration Behind Indie Game Perception

by Alisa Hailon May 24, 2017
During a recent Reddit AMA, the creative director for upcoming indie horror title Perception spoke on his history with BioShock helped inspire the game.

Dungeons and Dragons

Pen to Table: My Custom Dungeons and Dragons World Part 2

by David Bahleon May 18, 2017
Running your own Dungeons and Dragons game may seem like a daunting task, and it truthfully is.  However it is also extremely rewarding if you are a creative person.  The ability to create your own world, share it with other people and have them explore it is truly remarkable. In my last piece I told […]