Persona 5

An Unpopular Opinion: I Just Don’t Like Persona 5

by Danny Lawranceon July 23, 2017
An opinion on the weakness of Persona 5 in comparison to Persona 4.

Video Games Ripe For An Animated Adaptation Like Castlevania

by Arshad Mawlaon July 10, 2017
Castlevania is getting a new animated show that looks great! Take a look at three more video games that could benefit from such a treatment.
square enix

What’s in a name? The Radical Evolution Of Square Enix

by Arshad Mawlaon June 30, 2017
Square Enix is the new look version of Squaresoft. Despite being the same company at the core, they tend to operate differently. What went wrong?

Nintendo: A Love/Hate Relationship

by Jason Arriolaon June 28, 2017
Nintendo has the uncanny ability to delight and enrage us. How is that? Why do we fans never seem to learn? What keeps us coming back for more?
video game burnout

Identifying and Dealing with Video Game Burnout

by Rich Casselon June 21, 2017
Many gamers use video games as a method of relaxation and stress relief, so why do some of us experience burnout from what should be fun?

Madden 18: Is This The Year Good Starts To Become Great?

by Tim Kernon June 3, 2017
This year for Madden 18 is no different - the opportunity is there for the game to be not just good, but great. But will EA take advantage of the opportunity?

Injustice 2

Injustice 2 – Best/Worst Characters to Fight With

by Ken Borteron May 31, 2017
Playing through Injustice 2? Here are the best and worst characters to use as you battle your way through the Multiverse!

E3 2017: We Do Not Need More Consoles

by David Bahleon May 28, 2017
E3 2017 is upon us. But are we really ready for the next generation of gaming consoles already?

The Art of Side Quests

by Danny Lawranceon May 15, 2017
Every open world game contains side quests, but not all are created equal. What separates a good side quest from a bad one?

Free Comic Book Day Saturday May 6th

by Ken Borteron May 5, 2017
Comic book fans rejoice! This upcoming Saturday, May 6th, is Free Comic Book Day! (which is a day I personally wait for all year long) ┬áNot only are there some amazing free comic books available, but this is the day that gives opportunity for comic book lovers old and new to connect and have amazing […]