E3 2017: We Do Not Need More Consoles

by David Bahleon May 28, 2017
E3 2017 is upon us. But are we really ready for the next generation of gaming consoles already?

E3 2017 Predictions: The Last Of Us Part 2, Final Fantasy, Project Scorpio And More!

by Mammoth Gamers Staffon May 17, 2017
E3 is almost here and so it is officially time for our E3 2017 Predictions! What can you expect to see at this year's show? Here's our guesses!
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As E3 Approaches, E3 Tickets Have Sold Out For Public Access

by Albert Perkinson May 15, 2017
The big show is less than a month away and while many will have the opportunity to experience it for the first time as the show has gone public, All 15,000 E3 Passes for consumers have officially sold out.


Nintendo E3 2017 Plans Include Mario In A Big Way

by Alisa Hailon May 11, 2017
Nintendo has announced their plans for E3 2017 and Mario is making his next big debut. The Treehouse is back as well along with an international tournament.

Should E3 2017 Be Open To The Public?

by Jason Arriolaon May 11, 2017
E3 2017 is opening its doors to the public like never before. You don't have to be a media professional to attend the expo. Is this necessarily a good idea?
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Geoff Keighley Introduces E3 Coliseum

by Albert Perkinson May 4, 2017
Today through his Twitter account and blog post on Medium, Geoff Keighley formally announced E3 Coliseum a panel that will be at E3 2017.

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E3 2017 PlayStation Press Conference Announced

by Albert Perkinson May 3, 2017
E3 is about a month away and today the E3 2017 PlayStation Press Event was officially revealed for its usual date and time in the Shrine Auditorium.
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E3 2017 Open To The Public

by Albert Perkinson February 8, 2017
It has finally happened. After years of begging the ESA, E3 2017 open to the public for the very first time. The Internet is freaking out.

PlayStation Neo: A Marketing Disaster

by Albert Perkinson June 21, 2016
Despite PlayStation having a phenomenal show at E3 last week, one thing was blatantly missing: the PlayStation Neo console. Andrew House and company had decided to back out of showing the new console to the public while still acknowledging that the console existed. Fast forward to the Xbox Press Conference at the end of the […]

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E3 2016 Reflection

by Mark Kriskaon June 21, 2016
Another June, another E3 is in the bags and this year was a rollercoaster of a ride. ┬áBefore E3 2016 even began the feelings were mixed. EA and Activision decided not to hold E3 press conferences, and this put a bad stigma to E3. Is E3 dying? Will other companies start to also drop out? […]