Pen to Table: My Custom Dungeons and Dragons World Part 1

by David Bahleon May 3, 2017
Greetings and salutations, in honor of International Tabletop Day 2017 this past weekend, I would like to share with you the history and some of the lore behind the world that I have created for the Dungeons and Dragons game that I currently run. The following is a tale that any bard in my world […]

Fallout Tabletop Game Coming Soon: Fallout Wasteland Warfare

by David Bahleon April 29, 2017
Love everything Fallout? Love tabletop games? Well you are in luck, as Fallout Wasteland Warfare is currently in development from Modiphius Entertainment.
health benefits and video games

Video Games & You – Health Benefits Of Playing Video Games

by Carly Frithon March 21, 2017
There are times in life where video games have helped us in more ways than one. For some of us, it has helped us get through difficult times providing memories that last a lifetime.

The Best Tabletop Music To Play By

by David Bahleon February 28, 2017
Whenever I run a game of Dungeons and Dragons I spend hours searching through the depths of Spotify trying, sometimes in vain to find the right music to fit one of the many paths my players will take during our next session An unknown source once said “Music gives a soul to the universe, wings […]

Indie Games You Aren’t Playing – Valentine Games Edition

by Jess Johnsonon February 14, 2017
Valentine's Day is here. Got a loved one far away or very near? Check out these multiplayer titles - a Valentine games edition.
Madden NFL 17 Super Bowl Prediction

Atlanta Hawks Madden Super Bowl Crossover With New England Patriots

by Albert Perkinson February 3, 2017
The Super Bowl only 48 hours away! The Atlanta Hawks basketball team got into a little fun with a simulation of their own an Atlanta Hawks Madden crossover!

travel ban

Travel Ban – The ESA’s Statement

by Albert Perkinson January 30, 2017
The The Entertainment Software Association has released an official statement regarding the temporary travel restriction from seven countries.

Someone Has Collected And Owns Every Wii Game

by Albert Perkinson January 27, 2017
Think you have a large game collection? Do you have a stack of games you still need to play? Well one person has collected every single Wii game. Really.

Five Characters That Should Be In Injustice 2

by David Bahleon January 12, 2017
With the recent release date announcement of Injustice 2 on May 16th, 2017, speculation now moves to the roster of the new game.   While the original game had a super hero/villain packed roster, it missed some of the most iconic characters in the game.  There are plenty of characters left for Injustice to choose from, […]

write about games

Mammoth Gamers: 2016 In Review

by Mammoth Gamers Staffon January 2, 2017
With the stroke of midnight, a new year rises;  2016 is in the books, and 2017 has just opened its cover.  Mammoth Gamers grew greatly in 2016 and we are proud of that.  We feel like a recap is in order for this historic year for us.  Here’s our 2016 in review. Most Viewed Article: […]