Nvidia Game Code Bundle Redemption Changes

by Matthew Monnieon February 3, 2017
Nvidia has rolled out a new policy for game code redemption policy when purchasing one of their GPU and game code bundles.
nes classic

Now You’re Playing With POWER! – NES Classic Review

by Ken Borteron December 8, 2016
It’s the holiday season and once again, you are looking for that “it” item of the season for you or your family.  This year has a ton of cool new gift ideas but one of the coolest and hottest of the season has been the NES Classic.  Sold out all over the country, this little […]
Switch price

Nintendo Switch Price Leaked?

by Mark Kriskaon November 15, 2016
Earlier this week Toys R Us Canada might have leaked the Nintendo Switch price. This site momentarily listed the NS for $329.99 CAD, this equates to roughly $250 US dollars, and has since taken it down. This $250 price seems to be on par with the orginal Wii’s launch price and competes perfectly with both […]

A Mirror Darkly: What is…Black Mirror

by Jess Johnsonon October 22, 2016
Imagine you are the Prime Minister of UK; your advisers inform you one morning that a popular duchess has been kidnapped. You think ‘this should be simple they want money‘. However your advisers warn you that’s not what the kidnappers want. The demand is that you have sex with a pig on live TV. They did […]
PlayStation VR

PlayStation VR Review – No Gimmick: PlayStation VR Is The Real Deal

by Albert Perkinson October 18, 2016
We’ve come a long way in the virtual world of technology.  Thinking back to the days of the Virtual Boy, there really hasn’t been a console device that has tested the waters since.  It’s been decades.  So not only should we give Sony Interactive Entertainment kudos for attempting to present us with a satisfactory device, […]
Catch Em' All On The Go - Pokémon Go Plus Announced

Catch Em’ All On The Go – Pokémon Go Plus Announced

by Jess Johnsonon September 8, 2016
The release date for the long awaited bluetooth accessory to Pokémon Go has a release date. Pokémon Go Plus will launch Sept 16th in some countries and will cost $34.99. The device will vibrate and flash notifying players when they are near a Pokéstop or when a Pokémon has appeared. Niantic announced the release date last night on […]

Apple Event Recap

Apple Event Recap – iPhone 7 And Apple Watch Series 2

by Albert Perkinson September 7, 2016
Today, Apple officially unveiled the latest iteration of the iPhone and Apple Watch to the public.  iPhone 7 will be available for preorder this coming Friday and will begin to ship next week.  Here’s everything you need to know about the new smartphone from Apple in our Apple Event Recap: iPhone 7 will start at […]

The ‘Next Gen’ In Gaming Is Dead – A Eulogy To Next Gen Gaming

by Mark Kriskaon September 7, 2016
This year marks a change in our industry and it’s leaving many gamers, including myself, feeling uneasy. Ever since the home console was introduced, gamers have had a very consistent ecosystem. A company will release their newest game system and this is what their future game releases will be played on. When the Super Nintendo was […]

PlayStation 4 Elite Controller Revealed At Target [Update Removed]

by Steve Ronchakon September 5, 2016
Update:  It appears Target has removed the link for the PlayStation 4 Elite Controller. Original Story:  A recent posting on has a new PlayStation 4 Elite controller available for preorder. Similar to the Xbox Elite controller, the PS4 Elite controller gives the player the ability to change the function of certain buttons and control […]

iphone 7 release

iPhone 7 Release Imminent As Apple Announces September Event

by Albert Perkinson August 29, 2016
It’s that time of year again. Today, Apple announce an event that will undoubtedly be the announcement for the iPhone 7 release. The event will be held next Wednesday, September 7th at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco. The iPhone 7 release is expected to have a thinner display with Faster LTE & […]