What do you need to start playing Dungeons and Dragons?

by David Bahleon February 21, 2017
Dungeons and Dragons is one of the largest tabletop games to exist. But what do you exactly need to start playing the game? We take a look at the essentials.

The From Software Chronicles – Part 4: Demon’s Souls

by Chris Webberon June 21, 2016
Alright, if you’ve been with me so far you’ll recall that the last entry ended on a bit of a cliffhanger. I had beaten the two “Maneaters” but had a hell of a time doing so. I had to rely on an exploit that allowed me to take out the first beast before the boss […]

Firewatch Review

by Dan Spinaon February 16, 2016
Reviewed on the PS4 Firewatch is not for everyone, but if you’re looking for an experience that’s light on conventional gameplay and strong with it’s story and voice acting, then this PSN and PC title might be one of the most unique experiences to come out this year. Before we begin, you need to put […]

Ratchet and Clank Trailer [Paris Games Week]

by Mark Kriskaon October 30, 2015
Ever since the PlayStation 2 I have been a huge Ratchet and Clank fan, from the game play, to the lovable yet intense story, to the character; honestly, the list can keep going.  I was slightly hesitant when Sony announced that they where not only remaking the original game but also creating a major motion […]

Star Wars Battlefront Beta

by David Bahleon October 15, 2015
With the the public beta of Star Wars Battlefront down the trash chute, allow me to say one thing.   STARR WARRSSSSSS!!!! Now I played the first and second one religiously, and to me, this feels like a deserved sequel.  With everything from the music, to the gameplay, to the graphics.  I feel that I have […]

New DLC is Coming to Bloodborn (TGS 2015)

by Mark Kriskaon September 17, 2015
TGS (Tokyo Game Show) where FROM SOFTWARE and Sony’s Japan Studios announced new DLC coming  to critically acclaimed Bloodborn.  Bloodborn: The Old Hunters comes out November 24th and it is unclear if it takes place before the original game or a continuation of the original game.  In the trailer From Software shows off a lot […]

The Holocron 1: Who is Kylo Ren

by David Bahleon September 3, 2015
Welcome to the first of what I hope to be many articles of the Holocron.  Allow me to introduce the concept of the Holocron.  For those who do not know or are unfamiliar with the Star Wars Universe. A Holocron, short for holographic chronicle, was an organic crystal-lattice device which stored phenomenal quantities of data guarded by […]

Introducing Two Drink Minimum on Mammoth Gamers

by Albert Perkinson September 2, 2015
Mammoth Gamers is proud to bring Two Drink Minimum to Mammoth Gamers starting today!  This show features two entities that were made for each other:  drinking, and Let’s Plays for your enjoyment! You can catch new episodes right here on Mammoth or on YouTube every Monday, Wednesday (that’s today!), and Friday. Stay tuned to Mammoth […]

PS4 3.0 Update

by Mark Kriskaon August 12, 2015
It has been a few months since we have seen a PlayStation 4 update that was more then just ‘System Stability’ and even though those updates are necessary we all would more toys to play with.  If the rumors from NeoGAF user crinale are true Sony will be rolling out a beta for this new […]

Take My Money; PSN/XBLA Store Update

by Mark Kriskaon August 12, 2015
It’s a new week and that means new content releasing into the gaming world.  This week there are some exciteing titles, so lets dive in. *Will be covering only game and major add-on content. Italic and Red text represents sales. PlayStation: Prototype (PS4) – $29.99 Prototype 2 (PS4) – $39.99 XBlaze Lost: Memories (PS3, PS Vita) – […]