If you are on the go a lot, you realize it’s hard to keep up with news in the video game industry.  And that’s where the Mammoth Gamers app comes in play!

Here are some of the main features on the Mammoth Gamers App:

  • Video Game and Movie Reviews:  The latest video games and movie releases reviewed for your pleasure.  Find out if that highly anticipated film or video game is worth checking out!
  • Mammoth Gamers Podcasts:  Featuring content from The Weekly Wrap Up’s YouTube Channel including GamesCenter, as well as content from Two Drink Minimum’s YouTube Channel.
  • Favorite content for later reading if you don’t have time to read it immediately.  Keep up with all things Xbox, PlayStation, PC, and more!
  • Push Notifications:  News moves extremely fast in the video game industry and we at Mammoth Gamers want to keep you informed.  Never miss a beat, once a breaking news item hits the wire, get notified immediately upon publish.
  • Share content to your friends on your favorite Social Media outlets including but not limited to Facebook, and Twitter.

Download our app from the Google Play Store by selecting the image link below!