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Nintendo Switch Release Yields An Exciting Yet Scary Time For Fans

by Albert Perkinson February 26, 2017
In one week, Nintendo's latest console the Nintendo Switch will be released to the public. This is an exciting time for obvious reasons. However, this release also yields a frightening or scary time for fans as well.

A 3DS Successor is Under Consideration, Here’s Why That’s a Bad Thing

by Brian Milleron February 3, 2017
Update: Clarification of Tatsumi Kimishima’s statement has surfaced today, and it seems the quotes regarding a “successor” to the 3DS were incorrectly interpreted by the original source. The quotes that appeared online yesterday were pulled from a Japanese newspaper, Kyoto Shinbun. The newspaper lifted the quotes from a recent Corporate Management Policy Briefing and Financial […]
Pokemon Ultra Beasts

New Pokemon Ultra Beasts Announced

by Dan Spinaon September 14, 2016
The Pokemon company released a new video for the upcoming generation of games: Sun and Moon. This brief video showcased two new Pokemon Ultra Beasts, one for each game. Following a leak from CoroCoro magazine a couple days ago, The Pokemon Company officially unveiled UB-02 Absorption and UB-02 Beauty, appearing in Sun and Moon respectively. […]

Pikmin 3DS Announced During Nintendo Direct

by Dan Spinaon September 1, 2016
Continuing their 3DS support into 2017, Nintendo made a surprise announcement with Pikmin for the 3DS. Including the same stable of Pikmin from the console games, this portable version is taking a different approach to gameplay. Announced as a side scrolling adventure game, you will use the touch screen to toss the little aliens around to […]

Legend of Zelda News Announced During Nintendo Direct

by Dan Spinaon September 1, 2016
The Legend of Zelda got some love during today’s Nintendo Direct. New amiibos, book, DLC, and even a virtual console game. Check out all the Legend of Zelda news below. First up was the new amiibos. In honor of the 30th Anniversary of Zelda, Nintendo will be releasing a new line of Amiibo figures called, […]

Nintendo Handheld Patent Filed

by Brian Milleron July 7, 2016
Nintendo has filed a new patent for what appears to be a handheld device of some variety. The device is described in the patent as “a handheld information processing apparatus comprising a speaker and a vibrator”. Its primary purpose as described is “to provide a novel hand-held information processing apparatus”, and “to provide a hand […]

A New Pokemon Has Been Discovered

by David Bahleon February 10, 2016
According to Serebii, one of the leading Pokemon websites, the new Pokemon is called Pokemon is called Magiana (マギアナ) and was shown off in the latest issue of CoroCoro a Japanese monthly manga magazine. Serebii continues to say it is Man-Made Pokémon putting it into the same category as Mewtwo however no type has been […]

Pokémon Omega Ruby: OMG

by Ken Borteron May 12, 2015
I grew up with a Gameboy in my hand as a kid.  I got the original, giant grey one, upgraded to a Gamboy Color when that happened, then to a Gameboy SP and finally to the new Nintendo 3DS.  Needless to say, I know my Nintendo hand-held systems.  A game that changed the genre of […]

Rewind – Super Smash Bros: A Lifestyle

by Ken Borteron March 27, 2015
The Nintendo 64 was the core of my existence when I was growing up. Between games like Mario 64 and Banjo Kazooie, I usually spent my 5th grade evenings grasping onto that awkward controller and jumping up and down like a mad man, because that makes you play better of course. One of the games […]

Spotlight – Ocarina of Time 3DS, The Legend Lives

by Ken Borteron March 17, 2015
“I love playing Zelda! He rules!” Cue a collective of heavy sighs. We all know that person who exclaims their love for a classic video game but has no idea what they are even talking about.  Even so, video games in general have exploded over the past 30 years and people have their favorites.  Hence […]