Destiny 2 Looks To Right The Wrongs From Its Predecessor

by Ken Borteron May 19, 2017
Destiny 2 had a livestream event yesterday that blew the doors off this blockbuster sequel. Was it everything we hoped and dreamed? Check out what we thought.

Call of Duty returns to the past – WWII To Be Precise

by Matthew Monnieon April 21, 2017
Activision has announced that the Call of Duty series is returning to its roots, with the next entry being Call of Duty:WWII

Destiny 2 Reported to be Released in 2017

by Ken Borteron February 10, 2017
Is Destiny 2 on the way? It sounds like the follow-up to the highly successful game, Destiny will be released sometime here in 2017.

As Strong As Iron: Destiny Rise of Iron Review

by Mark Kriskaon September 23, 2016
Before I start I just want to give a huge thanks to Brian Miller, a fellow writer here at Mammoth. He and I have pretty much done everything together so far with Destiny Rise of Iron and without him I would have not been able to complete this review so soon. Also be sure to […]

Geeked In: Oh The People You Will Meet at MLG P1

by David Bahleon January 7, 2016
With Activison buying Major Leauge Gaming for the sum of $46 million, I figured it was time to go back and look at all the good times that I had at MLG events. For those of you that do not know, I spent several years competing on the MLG pro-circuit as a Halo coach.  I was […]

Call of Duty: Black Ops III Review

by Dale Croweon November 10, 2015
It’s finally Treyarch’s turn again to be paired up with Activision for this year’s Call of Duty, and they did everything but disappoint. From new features and game modes, to popular game modes returning, this Call of Duty has everything a shooter could ask for…unless they were looking for World War II firearms. Anyways, this […]

Call of Duty Black Ops 3: The Race

by David Bahleon November 7, 2015
Every year, several of YouTube & Twitch’s biggest gaming stars get together and participate in something called, “The Race”.  Now if you are into Call of Duty, you have heard about this, if not, listen up. The Race is a non-stop gaming event, lasting from 12 PM PST on November 5th until 5 PM PST […]

Overwatch coming to Xbox One, PS4 and PC!

by David Bahleon November 6, 2015
Thanks to a leak, Blizzard has confirmed that the PC Shooter Overwatch will be coming to consoles along side its PC release.     Source: 21 Heroes 5 Skins Blackwatch Reyes (Reaper) Strike-Commander Morrison (Soldier: 76) Overgrown Bastion Security Chief Pharah Slipstream Tracer Overwatch-themed content for several Blizzard Entertainment games: Heroes of the Storm™ – […]

Skylanders to Launch Mobile card game

by David Bahleon August 18, 2015
With the great success of Blizzards’ virtual card game Hearth Stone, Activision is looking to get into the market.  Skylanders Battlecast allows players to create teams of their favorite Skylander heroes from either physical or digital card packs and battle them online against friends or through a single player campaign.  The free to play game […]