Video Games Ripe For An Animated Adaptation Like Castlevania

by Arshad Mawlaon July 10, 2017
Castlevania is getting a new animated show that looks great! Take a look at three more video games that could benefit from such a treatment.

Attack On Titan 2 Announced

by Jess Johnsonon July 3, 2016
The release of the second season of the hit anime Attack On Titan has finally been announced. Its official website also hosts a new key image as well. The second season was slated to be released this year. But due to other projects, they announced the release would be pushed back yet again. Frustrating their already impatient fans. […]

Jess’ Favorite Studio Ghibli Movies

by Jess Johnsonon June 10, 2016
Ask any fan and they will tell you that anime isn’t just for kids. One of the most famous anime studios is Studio Ghibli and it’s creator Hayao Miyazaki. It’s stories and characters stay with you long after you’ve watched the movie. Here is my picks: Nausicaa of the Wind Valley Released as a TV […]


Anime Series That Will Make You Cry

by Jess Johnsonon April 18, 2016
Anime comes in all shapes and sizes while the most popular are the science fiction dystopian future scene, one cannot ignore the beauty of the dramatic Anime Series at are out there. Let’s take a look at a few series that are guaranteed to give you all the feels: 1. Your Lie in April A […]