The From Software Chronicles Part 5 – Demon’s Souls

by Chris Webberon July 12, 2016
Well folks, I’d like to thank you for hanging with me so far. For the first time since it’s release back in 2007, I’ll be finishing Demon’s Souls. It’ll include my thoughts on the final areas of the game, the ending itself, and my overall impression of the first “Souls” game. The previous entry ended […]

The From Software Chronicles – Part 4: Demon’s Souls

by Chris Webberon June 21, 2016
Alright, if you’ve been with me so far you’ll recall that the last entry ended on a bit of a cliffhanger. I had beaten the two “Maneaters” but had a hell of a time doing so. I had to rely on an exploit that allowed me to take out the first beast before the boss […]

The From Software Chronicles – Part 3: Demon’s Souls

by Chris Webberon June 8, 2016
*This Article May Contain Spoilers* Thus far Demon’s Souls simply hasn’t given me too much of a challenge. There have been parts that have been frustrating here and there, but getting through those parts just took a bit more patience and perseverance on my part. The game continues to keep me entertained, but there have […]

The From Software Chronicles – Part 2 Demon’s Souls

by Chris Webberon May 17, 2016
*Spoilers May Follow* Thus far in the game I’ve had a relatively simple go of it. The bosses haven’t caused me much grief and I’ve made relatively decent progress without many hang-ups. The game up to this point seems easier than I remember and so far all of the areas are familiar to me in […]

The From Software Chronicles – Part 1

by Chris Webberon April 22, 2016
My long journey begins with the first entry in the series, Demon’s Souls. It was released in 2009 for the PlayStation 3. I remember hearing about this game when it was announced, but not really thinking much of it. My roommate at the time had recently purchased his PS3 and he was the first one […]

The From Software Chronicles

by Chris Webberon April 14, 2016
I came to a rather startling conclusion about a week ago, and that conclusion has helped to create a conundrum for me. I’ll need to give a bit of a back story to have it make sense so here’s the set-up. It all started about a week ago. I’d had Twitter up and was casually […]

external hdd for ps4

PlayStation Exclusives: Why Are All the Good Ones Taken?

by Ken Borteron April 9, 2015
Sony is truly a giant when it comes to the entertainment business. They create video games, finance movies and even make music. Sony is a powerhouse in the world of gaming and have been battling the likes of Nintendo and Microsoft for two decades now. With that said, their lack of original content and exclusives […]

Bloodborne – Deliciously Frustrating

by Ken Borteron April 6, 2015
After spending the past week or so playing Sony’s new mega hit, Bloodborne I have come to the conclusion that I hate it.  But also, I love it. I love the fact that this game is so terrifying that I creep around, like a small scared child and when something pops out at me, I flail […]

Bloodborne Hands On First Impressions

by Swifton March 25, 2015
The long awaited Bloodborne is out on PS4 and I got to spend some quality time with it last night on my Twitch. I have to say from someone who is not a large fan of previous From Software titles I have enjoyed every moment so far.  The first thing that I noticed that while […]