Destiny 2 Looks To Right The Wrongs From Its Predecessor

by Ken Borteron May 19, 2017
Destiny 2 had a livestream event yesterday that blew the doors off this blockbuster sequel. Was it everything we hoped and dreamed? Check out what we thought.

Destiny 2 Officially Announced

by Ken Borteron March 28, 2017
Last week we saw a collection of photos taken with the Destiny 2 logo stamped on, as seen here.  Well yesterday, Bungie officially changed its profile pictures on both Facebook and Twitter to an image of what looks like planet Earth, in flames with “Destiny 2” in the direct center. That is about as official […]

Destiny Age of Triumph

by Mark Kriskaon March 7, 2017
Destiny 2 is fast approaching, but that doesn't mean Destiny can't go out with a bang. Check out everything we know about Destiny: Age of Triumph.

Could Destiny 2 be announced at E3?

Destiny Characters Will Not Fully Carry Over to Destiny Sequel

by Ken Borteron March 3, 2017
Destiny 2 is still slated to come out in 2017, but will you be happy with losing your current Guardian?

As Strong As Iron: Destiny Rise of Iron Review

by Mark Kriskaon September 23, 2016
Before I start I just want to give a huge thanks to Brian Miller, a fellow writer here at Mammoth. He and I have pretty much done everything together so far with Destiny Rise of Iron and without him I would have not been able to complete this review so soon. Also be sure to […]

Everything There is to Know About Destiny and The Taken King (So Far)

by Mark Kriskaon September 9, 2015
Bungie has had a series of live streams revealing a lot of new features about the new expansion to Destiny, The Taken King.  The first stream was to explore the new Tower, in which Bungie revealed a whole slew of new features we can look forward to in The Taken King.  The Second dove into […]

Destiny: The Taken King and Year 2

by Mark Kriskaon August 19, 2015
Bungie released an amazing 43 sec new teaser trailer for Destiny: The Taken King and year two of the game.  The trailer shows off the new light system with a Guardian’s light level in the trailer at 214.    The box in the middle describes your light as bing a combination of you attack and […]

5 Ways to Gear Up for Destiny House of Wolves

by Ken Borteron May 5, 2015
If you’re anything like me, you have moved on to bigger and better things since the drop of Destiny last September.  Hooked for about 6 months, I played Destiny non-stop but eventually the game grew stale.  I took a few months off, played some Indies, died a lot in Bloodborne and forgot what being a […]

No New Raid For the Destiny House of Wolves DLC

by Ken Borteron April 14, 2015
Destiny has been on the radar of many gamers since it dropped on September 9th of last year. With fun story lines, addicting leveling up schemes and exciting raid modes, Destiny took the gaming world by storm. As of late, the blockbuster title has lost its steam and millions of players have moved on to […]

Top 5 Things That Annoy Everyone Playing Destiny

by Ken Borteron February 25, 2015
Plugging 200+ hours into a game might sound insane and maybe it is, but after playing something as amazing as Bungie’s golden child, Destiny, you could understand why that amount of time was spent.  As time has progressed though, the polish has lost its shine and Destiny has gotten stale.  So, I have devised a […]