SNES Classic

Report: SNES Classic to be Released in the Near Future

by Ken Borteron April 19, 2017
Nintendo will be releasing the SNES Classic. But the question is when and how many will they release and will they be able to meet demand?

Holiday Wish List 2016

by Mammoth Gamers Staffon December 21, 2016
It’s hard to believe Christmas is right around the corner!  There are a lot of gifts we’ve got our eyes on this year and some members of Mammoth Gamers have put together their top picks for this holiday season.  Here’s our Holiday Wish List 2016 Edition! Dale Crowe Another holiday season is has arrived, which […]
nes classic

How to get an NES Classic Before Christmas

by Ken Borteron December 15, 2016
The NES Classic is this years hot item.  It’s sold out everywhere and people have been selling them on eBay for up to $500.  Crazy right? Well, sources around the Internet have confirmed that Best Buy will be selling these hard to get Christmas miracles in limited supply starting December 20th.  There is a small […]