Walking Dead Finale: Swing…And A Miss

by Ken Borteron April 4, 2016
So… Negan is finally on the show. ¬†After being in the comics for close to 5 years now, the big bad boogie man has made his appearance in the show and well…it sucked.   Leave now to avoid Walking Dead Finale spoilers….You have been warned.   The Walking Dead has been a staple of cable […]

The Walking Dead Season 5 Finale Breakdown

by Ken Borteron March 30, 2015
Boy, what a mess Rick has become the past few episodes. Without the outside world protecting him from everyone seeing how deranged he had become, we left the last episode with Rick being knocked out by Michonne and everyone wondering how Rick could have lost his damn mind. Also, what’s up with this “W” business¬†carved […]