Bethesda E3 2017 Recap: More of the Same

by Ken Borteron June 13, 2017
Bethesda had its late night E3 conference, announcing a slew of new games and some big VR news. Check out all the announcements here!

Bethesda and Review Copies

by Matthew Monnieon October 26, 2016
No More Early Review Copies from Bethesda Bethesda has announced their new stance with sending out review copies of games to press.  When DOOM released, they sent out press copies to arrive the day before. In the post on their site explaining the decision, which is linked below, they said: “Since then DOOM has emerged as a […]

2016 E3 Bethesda Press Conference Recap

by Ken Borteron June 13, 2016
We are excited to kick off E3 with major software company Bethesda as Morgan Webb and Adam Sessler were back to help announce the Bethesda E3 lineup and all the new games/products #BE3 has to offer.  Before the show even started we had a strong new trailer for Dishonored 2, which showcased sick killer robots, time stopping and amazing […]

DOOM Single Player Review

by Jess Johnsonon May 16, 2016
When I was a kid Doom was my safe harbor. If I had a rough day at school from being bullied, just the course work in general, adding in I was a teenager, my mother (of all people) did not understand me, and trying to mold me into something I clearly was not – I […]

Doom Open Beta Coming Next Week

by Albert Perkinson April 6, 2016
A tweet on the official Doom account confirmed that a Doom Open Beta will be coming and will in fact be open to the public.  Bethesda previously held a closed beta for the game last weekend.  This latest announcement will give everyone an opportunity to try out the game.  The Doom Open Beta will begin […]

Doom Beta & Trailer Announcement

by Albert Perkinson March 9, 2016
The remake of a game that redefined and set the standard for first person shooters is less than 3 months away.  And what’s even better, you won’t even have to wait until then to get an opportunity to play.  If you went ahead and purchased Wolfenstein: The New Order, you’ll be able to check out the […]

Bethesda Announces E3 Press Conference

by Ken Borteron February 1, 2016
It was announced today that software and game company Bethesda has released its date and time for its E3 press conference.  Scheduled to be on June 12th at 7PM, Bethesda has promised a showcase and announcement for some upcoming big news.  Your guess is as good as ours but experts have been clamoring about Doom, a […]