NHL 17 Cover Athlete Revealed

by David Bahleon June 25, 2016
With the ending of yet another Stanley Cup, so ends another year of the National Hockey League.   And with that comes the announcement of the NHL 17 Cover Athlete.  Like all great games, the choice came down to two players:  Vladimir Tarasenko from the St. Louis Blues and Joe Pavelski from the San Jose […]

Madden NFL 16 Review

by Dale Croweon August 28, 2015
It is that time of the year again, where football reigns supreme here in America. Whether it is the NFL getting underway, NCAA Football is about to start up, and the new Madden has released. It is like an early Christmas for football junkies. Fortunately for Madden fans, they get the chance to see what […]

E3 2015 EA Press Conference Live Stream

by Albert Perkinson June 15, 2015
E3 2015 EA Press Conference Live Stream E3 2015 has arrived and the EA E3 2015 Briefing is here!  Welcome to the EA 2015 Xbox Press Conference LIVE streamed right here on YouTube!  Join Albert Perkins host of The Weekly Wrap Up as he discusses and reacts to the latest news from Electronic Arts at E3 LIVE!