Geeked In 2: I want to Fear the Walking Dead

by David Bahleon September 14, 2015
Allow me to state that I am a HUGE zombie fan, I am staring at a Tank Zombie bust right now, and have a copy of the Zombie Survival guide on the bookshelves behind me.  I have watched every episode of the Walking Dead, and Talking Dead multiple times and it pains me to be […]

Opinion: Fear the Walking Dead gets one more week

by David Bahleon August 31, 2015
With the second episode of AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead under the rug, I have to ask, really? What the heck.  Allow me to start off by saying that I am the world’s largest Walking Dead and Zombie fan. World War Z, Zombie Survival Guide, you name it.  Tank Zombie is staring at me as […]