Amazon Releases Top Games of 2016 Holiday

by David Bahleon January 4, 2017
Earlier this week, Amazon released a number of fun facts regarding final sale facts of the 2016 holiday season.  By category, Amazon gave out the best selling items this season, along with some other miscellaneous facts.   For example, customers purchased enough Hamilton books and albums to give every person at the Richard Rodgers Theatre in […]

World of Final Fantasy Review

by Chris Webberon November 8, 2016
A majority of people who call themselves fans of the Final Fantasy series didn’t pledge their allegiance over the last 15 years. Sure, some did, but most fans were invested well before the death and reincarnation of the current MMORPG, Final Fantasy 14. Most have been around since before Lightning traveled through time to save […]
King's Knight

Square Enix Announces King’s Knight for iOS and Android

by Steve Ronchakon September 20, 2016
Square Enix is developing King’s Knight: Wrath of the Dark Dragon for iOS and Android Phones. Wrath of the Dark Dragon will be launching this year, and will be free for all users. This game will be part of the Final Fantasy XV universe. Right now if you go to Square Enix’s site you can […]

Two Drink Minimum – WANDERING CAMERA | Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward 3.3 – Hullbreaker Isle (Hard) [Healer PoV]

by Two Drink Minimumon June 15, 2016
The other dungeon added in the 3.3 patch for Heavensward, Hullbreaker Isle (Hard), proves to have a few straightforward mechanics but that doesn’t mean that Gaming Mistress or Jimizzle can’t, or won’t, mess them up. Gaming Mistress especially. And yes, the camera wanders.  

Two Drink Minimum – 9999 DAMAGE | Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward 3.3 – Final Steps of Faith [Healer PoV

by Two Drink Minimumon June 10, 2016
The FInal Steps of Faith, the latest trial in the 3.3 patch for Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward and the last big step in the main storyline, puts Gaming Mistress, her brother, and Jimizzle against Nidhogg. An epic battle that really shows how amazing the patch is! Between the poorly geared tank and the massive amounts of […]

Two Drink Minimum – THREE BLIND CATS | Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward 3.3 – Sohr Khai [Healer PoV]

by Two Drink Minimumon June 8, 2016
Gaming Mistress, her brother, and Jimizzle take on one of the two new dungeons in the 3.3 Final Fantasy XIV patch, Sohr Khai, part of the main story questline. With none of them knowing what to expect, it’ll be interesting to see just exactly what happens! Spoiler: Bad things. Lots of bad things.  

Two Drink Minimum – DRINK ONCE | Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward – Alexander: Fist of the Son [Healer PoV]

by Two Drink Minimumon May 23, 2016
Copyright claims delays will not stop Gaming Mistress and Jimizzle getting a new Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward video! This time, they head into Alexander: The Fist of the Son, also known as Midas 1 (M1 or A6 as well. They were going to play a drinking game depending on what happened during the fight but when things […]

My Ideal Final Fantasy 7 Remake

by Dan Spinaon April 11, 2016
I know I’m not the only gamer who got excited when a remake of Final Fantasy VII was announced last year at E3. This was news that some of us had been waiting for since Square revived the brand with the movie Final Fantasy VII Advent Children. The film brought to life characters and a […]

Nicolas Cage set to be the voice actor for Final Fantasy XV

by Ken Borteron April 1, 2016
In a move that seems odd, Square Enix announced that actor Nicolas Cage will be doing a series of voices for their newest installment of their Final Fantasy Series.  Set to release in North America in late September, Final Fantasy XV is set in modern day Earth where there are teams of monsters, bad guys […]

International Women’s Day – Top Female Game Characters

by Albert Perkinson March 8, 2016
There are a lot of female protagonists that have come and gone in video games throughout the years.  Some are forgotten however a lot are remembered for the legacy they portrayed thoughout the game.  In honor of International Women’s Day, I thought it would be a great idea to take a look back at some […]