Geeked In 8 : The Gaming Backlog

by David Bahleon March 29, 2016
So if you are like me, you have a serious gaming backlog.  I mean, just to mention a few Just Cause 3, The Uncharted Collection, God of War 3, The Witcher 3, most of the Games with Gold/Playstation Plus Games, finish the last mission of Halo 5, finish the last few quests of Fallout 4. […]

Geeked In 7: Mira Grant “Feed” Review

by David Bahleon February 22, 2016
“Feed” by Maria Grant is one of the books that if there was a “required reading before starting a blog” list, this would be #1. This book is very fast-paced with few “filler” pages. Along with some really well developed characters, makes this one of the best books I have read in a while. I […]

Geeked In 6: Hearthstone Might Be My Favorite Game

by David Bahleon February 13, 2016
A favorite game is a concept that people struggle with all the time.  What makes a game your “favorite”?  Replay value? The story? The graphics? All of the above?  Well I’ve been playing Hearthstone for a long time, and I think I have finally come to the conclusion, that it is one of my favorite […]

Geeked In 5: Why So Exclusive?

by David Bahleon February 6, 2016
Downloadable Content, specifically timed/exclusive DLC, has become a trademark of video games the past years.  We have seen it be extremely successful in games such as Call of Duty, where you are given a full game, and maps are simply added.  Then you have games such as the ever popular Destiny.  Allow me to add […]

Geeked-In 4: Halo on ESPN, eSports are here to stay

by David Bahleon January 31, 2016
Last night, as I sat at a bar with some friends, I look up and to my surprise I see a Spartan getting his head blown off by a rocket on one of the TV’s. It takes me a second to realize it is not a trailer, but actual game play from the X-Games that […]

Geeked In: Oh The People You Will Meet at MLG P1

by David Bahleon January 7, 2016
With Activison buying Major Leauge Gaming for the sum of $46 million, I figured it was time to go back and look at all the good times that I had at MLG events. For those of you that do not know, I spent several years competing on the MLG pro-circuit as a Halo coach.  I was […]

Geeked-In 3: My First MtG Pre-Release

by David Bahleon September 28, 2015
Welcome back, to the third installment of Geeked-In, the (semi) weekly blog post where I simply geek out over whatever I feel like.   The week, we shall depart from the real of video games, and TV series, and go old school.  I’m talking good old fashion card games.  Magic The Gathering to be more exact.  […]

Geeked In 2: I want to Fear the Walking Dead

by David Bahleon September 14, 2015
Allow me to state that I am a HUGE zombie fan, I am staring at a Tank Zombie bust right now, and have a copy of the Zombie Survival guide on the bookshelves behind me.  I have watched every episode of the Walking Dead, and Talking Dead multiple times and it pains me to be […]