Memories Of A System Now Gone – Saying Goodbye To The Xbox 360

by David Bahleon April 26, 2016
With Microsoft putting an end to the production of the Xbox 360, it puts an end to the era of systems that gave birth to what we know as Xbox Live today. From voice chatting, to system killing flaws, the Xbox 360 forged a new path into the future of gaming. The Xbox 360 brought back […]

Griffball And More Coming To Halo 5 This Month

by David Bahleon February 10, 2016
343 Industires is about to add a bunch of new game modes to Halo 5; including the biggest one – Griffball.  Once a silly game mode that has now turned into a community itself. In addition to Griffball, 343 is bringing back Assault and Fiesta, two fan favorite and classic game modes. If you are […]

Geeked-In 4: Halo on ESPN, eSports are here to stay

by David Bahleon January 31, 2016
Last night, as I sat at a bar with some friends, I look up and to my surprise I see a Spartan getting his head blown off by a rocket on one of the TV’s. It takes me a second to realize it is not a trailer, but actual game play from the X-Games that […]

Microsoft Needs To Skip VR And Stick To The HoloLens

by David Bahleon January 29, 2016
With companies such as Facebook, Sony, and HTC launching their own Virtual Reality devices in the foreseeable future, Microsoft has held off on the fad.  Instead going with what could be the next step in technology, real holograms.  I speak of course with the HoloLens, a device that instead of replacing reality, simply enhances your […]

Geeked In: Oh The People You Will Meet at MLG P1

by David Bahleon January 7, 2016
With Activison buying Major Leauge Gaming for the sum of $46 million, I figured it was time to go back and look at all the good times that I had at MLG events. For those of you that do not know, I spent several years competing on the MLG pro-circuit as a Halo coach.  I was […]

Seven More Backwards Compatible Games

by David Bahleon November 12, 2015
With today being November 12th, now comes the ability to play (most) of your favorite Xbox 360 games on the Xbox One. Now at the time of writing, there are a total of 104 games that are able to be played on the Xbox One.  But starting in December more games will be added on a […]

Halo to Introduce REQ Packs for HCS?

by David Bahleon November 3, 2015
Over the years Defense of the Ancients 2, known as DoTA 2, has been crowd sourcing money to provide insanely large tournament prize pools for their world championships.  For example, the 2015 prize pool was $18 Million*.  You read that right, 18 Million Dollars for a gaming tournament.  How you ask? Its simple, they introduced a […]

Top 5 Greatest Halo Weapons of All Time

by David Bahleon October 28, 2015
With the release of Halo 5 behind us, and multiple years of what seems to be good multiplayer ahead of us, it is time we take a look back at what we had. A look back at what got us to this point as another chapter begins.  Join me, as I start the great journey […]

Halo 5 – Review

by Swifton October 27, 2015
For some of us Master Chief is a legend. A soldier above all else who has saved the world time and time again. We’ve gone through the fights with The Covenant, took on the creepy armies of The Flood, and in the last adventure took on a whole new terrifying enemy The Prometheans. Memories of […]

Spoilers – Halo 5: Guardians Preview

by Swifton October 21, 2015
If you’re like me you’re a die hard Halo fan and the blood of a Spartan runs through you too, the sight of Master Chief makes your hair stand on end and gives you a warm fuzzy feeling all over. I have had the fortune to sink my teeth into Halo 5: Guardians and I […]