Sony E3 2017 Full List of Announcements

by Laura Mazerallon June 13, 2017
Mammoth Gamers covers the full list of trailers and exclusive content that was announced during the Sony E3 press conference.
Breath of the Wild 2017 game release

2017 Game Releases – A Rapid Fire of Quick Looks

by Rich Casselon April 17, 2017
The 2017 game releases have been filled with greatness, almost too much of it! Let's take some short looks at what this year has been serving up for gamers!
Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn: First Impressions

by Rich Casselon March 4, 2017
From title screen to a few hours worth of exploring, hunting, and foraging, Horizon Zero Dawn creates a fantastic early game entice players to dive in.

Jess’ Games of 2017

by Jess Johnsonon January 6, 2017
So long 2016, we won’t be missing you because the games of 2017 are just around the corner. Here is a list of games I am looking forward to:   Nier Automata:   I will admit I haven’t played the previous games but this does look extremely interesting. After playing the demo I can say […]
PlayStation Meeting

PlayStation E3 Press Conference – Delivering What The Fans Want

by Swifton June 14, 2016
I’ll admit that I’ve been on the Sony train for a long time but it’s for a reason. It’s hard to deny that they know what to bring to the table for their fans. Sony in fantastic form knocked it out of the park by delivering to fans exactly what we all care about: games. […]