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Loot Crate October Unboxing – Spooky Scary!

by Ken Borteron October 21, 2016
Hello and welcome to my very first unboxing and review of the mega subscription box company Loot Crate!  Let’s have a Loot Crate October unboxing shall we? Spoiler Alert! Don’t read if you do not want to know what is inside!!! October’s theme was Horror, which is my favorite genre of anything; movies, video games, […]

What Is: Day 5

by Jess Johnsonon August 6, 2016
Imagine a typical day in your life: you go to work, you do all the normal things and perhaps you stay up late with your guild members doing a raid or crushing opponents in Overwatch. Suddenly your team chat starts going nuts. Everyone is telling you “Don’t Go To Sleep”. There’s the emergency broadcast on […]

Popular Games Made With RPG Maker

by Jess Johnsonon May 5, 2016
In this day and age anyone can create video game. Much of that is thanks RPG Maker, a software that allows a person to create RPG video games with ease. Some of these creations have become just as popular as mainstream titles. Here are the most famous games to date:   Corpse Party Created by […]

Two Drink Minimum – CHEESE AND CAT | Darkest Dungeon #12

by Two Drink Minimumon May 2, 2016
Gaming Mistress takes a step back to Darkest Dungeon, having apparently missed an update that included a new class! But for now, achievements for her! And a cat. There’s always a cat. Fricken Harper…  

Two Drink Minimum – GARDEN OF DOOM! | League of Legends #5

by Two Drink Minimumon February 15, 2016
Another round of League of Legends with Gaming Mistress, her brother, and Jimizzle, now filled with more death, destruction, and… singing? Well, anything is possible when it comes to us!  

Two Drink Minimum – KARMA IS A… | League of Legends #4

by Two Drink Minimumon February 12, 2016
Gaming Mistress, with her brother and Jimizzle, queue up together for a game of ARAM in League of Legends and things go swimmingly, especially when Gaming Mistress gets a character she not only loves, but loves to play!

darkest dungeon two drink minimum

Two Drink Minimum – GO TO HELL! | Darkest Dungeon #11

by Two Drink Minimumon January 20, 2016
The Darkest Dungeon is live, officially out, and if you haven’t been playing or at least keeping up with what’s been going on, go a little mad and come join Gaming Mistress as she takes on the latest and most maddening dungeon: the Darkest Dungeon! What evils lay in wait in this labyrinth? Come and find out! […]

Two Drink Minimum – WE SHOULDN’T HAVE WON | League of Legends #1

by Two Drink Minimumon December 21, 2015
A late night/early morning game of League of Legends turned into a complete mess when Gaming Mistress’ team seems to get steamrolled, but a few good plays and things turn around!    

Two Drink Minimum – TWITCHY HEAD MAN! | Darkest Dungeon #10

by Two Drink Minimumon December 18, 2015
Another Darkest Dungeon video, yes, but the Abomination needs to find some friends, ones that don’t mind his weird haircut or the fact that he transforms into a massive beast that rips everything apart! He’s a good guy, we swear.  

Two Drink Minimum – BRO NOT COOL! | Darkest Dungeon #09

by Two Drink Minimumon December 14, 2015
Finally getting to the November update (huge list of changes, go check it), Gaming Mistress takes the newest class, the Abomination, for a spin, but it seem that a few of her heroes aren’t exactly thrilled to have such a wonderful companion join them.