A New Players Guide to Destiny 2015

by Dan Spinaon May 19, 2015
So, you’ve heard of Bungie’s 2014 release called Destiny. Maybe you’ve seen so many articles recently talking about something called House of Wolves. It’s almost summer, you have a little more free time and you’re interested in trying the game out. But every review is from the release of the game and the same goes […]

5 Ways to Gear Up for Destiny House of Wolves

by Ken Borteron May 5, 2015
If you’re anything like me, you have moved on to bigger and better things since the drop of Destiny last September.  Hooked for about 6 months, I played Destiny non-stop but eventually the game grew stale.  I took a few months off, played some Indies, died a lot in Bloodborne and forgot what being a […]

No New Raid For the Destiny House of Wolves DLC

by Ken Borteron April 14, 2015
Destiny has been on the radar of many gamers since it dropped on September 9th of last year. With fun story lines, addicting leveling up schemes and exciting raid modes, Destiny took the gaming world by storm. As of late, the blockbuster title has lost its steam and millions of players have moved on to […]

Destiny’s House of Wolves Screenshots Leaked

by Ken Borteron February 27, 2015
Destiny’s “House of Wolves” Screenshots Leaked Bungie’s popular sci-fi shooter, Destiny, is coming off the wake of big updates and some maintenance this week. However, all anyone can talk about is the leaked images of its newest DLC, House of Wolves. Set to drop in the upcoming months, the next installment of the blockbuster release […]