Rick And Morty Simulator: Virtual Rick-Ality – PAX West 2016

by Swifton September 7, 2016
The world of gaming is changing and VR is hotter than ever. Companies are doing what they can to put out a product on the VR market. VR has not been my thing and might not ever be in the current state, until now. I have experienced the single most exciting thing to come to […]

Opinion: Virtual Reality Isn’t Worth More Than $250

by David Bahleon March 29, 2016
To me the $400, $600, $800 price points of the Virtual Reality headsets are close to double of what they really should be. You can argue that it is to cover the cost of the equipment involved, the fact that is it the newest and greatest tech. In my opinion, as someone who hasn’t tried […]

The VR War – The Next War In Gaming

by Mark Kriskaon March 16, 2016
Last night,was a very big night for virtual reality gaming. Sony has revealed the price and launch window for PlayStation VR, and both are very promising. With both the Oculus Rift, and the HTC Vive having already revealed their price and both being received negatively, Sony had a lot to prove. Sony has been very […]

HTC Vive: Pre Orders and Pricing

by David Bahleon February 22, 2016
Over the weekend HTC has officially announced the Vive, the Steam VR. Starting on Monday 2/29 at 10 A.M Eastern Standard Time pre-orders will open worldwide with pre-order fulfillment and full commercial availability starting early April 2016. The Vive will ship with a full kit, allowing for 2 controller interface with full 360 degree tracking. The consumer […]