Kojima – The Most Wanted Man In The Industry

by Albert Perkinson March 24, 2016
Okay gamers, let’s rewind the clocks back to one year ago. Hideo Kojima and his team were hard at work on Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. But rumors and speculation were all over the Internet that his team was being treated poorly by Konami, and he wasn’t given any leverage or respect with […]

Hideo Kojima and PlayStation Team Up

by Mark Kriskaon December 16, 2015
It has happened!  Tonight Sony has announced that Hideo Kojima, maker of the critical and fan acclaimed Metal Gear and Metal Gear Solid game franchise, will be partnerning to produce his new game.  This news broke coming off the rumor Tuesday afternoon that Sony and Kojima were in talks.  December 15th was the termination of […]