Is Metal Gear Survive’s Quality Lacking Since It’s Not Full Price?

by Steve Ronchakon August 20, 2016
With the recent announcement of Metal Gear Survive, there are some people that are concerned about the price point. Selling a zombie survival game at full retail price might make fans of the MGS series hold on a little bit tighter to their money. During an interview with Eurogamer, Konami’s brand manager Richard Jones mentioned […]

David Hayter Probably Won’t Work With Konami & Hideo Kojima Again

by Albert Perkinson March 26, 2016
In an interview with the Game Informer Podcast, the original voice of Solid Snake, David Hayter had a pretty blunt conversation regarding his relationship with Konami, and Kojima Productions. ┬áHayter indicated that prior to him not returning to Metal Gear Solid V, he was nearly ousted before. When asked if he had played Metal Gear […]

Hideo Kojima and PlayStation Team Up

by Mark Kriskaon December 16, 2015
It has happened!  Tonight Sony has announced that Hideo Kojima, maker of the critical and fan acclaimed Metal Gear and Metal Gear Solid game franchise, will be partnerning to produce his new game.  This news broke coming off the rumor Tuesday afternoon that Sony and Kojima were in talks.  December 15th was the termination of […]