Nintendo Direct

Nintendo Direct Recap and Reaction

by Ken Borteron April 13, 2017
Wednesday's Nintendo Direct was filled to the brim with some new games, new tech, and new hope as the Switch has some promise for the future.

Has Nintendo Gone Too far?

by Jess Johnsonon May 24, 2016
  Nintendo has been a staple of gaming for over a decade. A company that began as a playing card business; expanded into the realm of video games that turned their characters into popular icons. Nintendo have fallen under some scrutiny with YouTubers as of late. It isn’t because of the amazing and wonderful games they have released […]

Microsoft Needs To Skip VR And Stick To The HoloLens

by David Bahleon January 29, 2016
With companies such as Facebook, Sony, and HTC launching their own Virtual Reality devices in the foreseeable future, Microsoft has held off on the fad.  Instead going with what could be the next step in technology, real holograms.  I speak of course with the HoloLens, a device that instead of replacing reality, simply enhances your […]

Amazon lists Minecraft Story Mode release date

by David Bahleon September 8, 2015
Online retail giant Amazon has listed the release date of the Minecraft story mode.  The release date released by the UK branch, and states the game will be available on the October 27th in North America, while the UK site, has it listed as October 30th. Acording to Amazon,[Minecraft] “Story Mode is an adventure game […]