Suicide Squad First Trailer: Rapid Reaction

by Ken Borteron January 21, 2016
Watching the trailer for the upcoming “superhero” film, Suicide Squad, invoked many different feelings and I had a few thoughts while watching what is now one the most talked about movies concerning comic book characters in a long time.  Here are my rapid reactions and thoughts on the upcoming summer blockbuster: While watching the trailer, I was […]
The Avengers

Top 5 Marvel Movie Soundtracks

by Laura Mazerallon February 7, 2015
There’s an awful lot of gushing and praise to be had where Marvel’s comic book films are concerned.  In a nutshell it can be said that the universe storylines are expansive, varied, and intricate. They’ve proven that their movie soundtracks are no exception to that. With all the stunning visual nuances that shine in a Marvel movie […]