Top 10 Video Game Soundtracks

by Brian Milleron July 6, 2016
I love video games. And I love music. When those two things come together perfectly, it makes a significant impact on my final impressions of a game. There are plenty of examples of games I have played that would not have been nearly as exciting or enthralling if it weren’t for their music, and I […]

Two Drink Minimum – HELL SUCKS | Super Meat Boy #4

by Two Drink Minimumon March 18, 2016
Gaming Mistress takes Super Meat Boy into Hell where the levels get tougher and more rage is caused by the little things. Also, the boss is a little… scary… It would also help if she figured out why her controller was possessed with a being that was determined to see her die so many times.    

Two Drink Minimum – HAND CRAMPS AND FRUSTRATION! | Super Meat Boy #3

by Two Drink Minimumon March 2, 2016
After all the frustration that Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes provided, you would think Gaming Mistress would find a game that is nice, calm, and relaxing. Nope. All of the nopes. She heads back into Super Meat Boy. Get your drinks and popcorn ready…  

Two Drink Minimum Reviews – Bombshell (PC)

by Two Drink Minimumon January 29, 2016
Jimizzle is here with Two Drink Minimum’s first game review! Brought to you by 3D Realms and Interceptor Entertainment it’s Bombshell! Does Bombshell hit the mark? Or does Shelly fizzle out? Watch and find out!  

Two Drink Minimum – NOT FEELING WELL! | One Finger Death Punch #5

by Two Drink Minimumon January 27, 2016
Grumpy and tired Gaming Mistress spends the last bit of her night killing stick figures kung fu style in One Finger Death Punch. She may have taken her frustrations out on that boss at the end…  

Two Drink Minimum – MESS UP ALL THE THINGS! | One Finger Death Punch #4

by Two Drink Minimumon December 4, 2015
It’s been some time since Gaming Mistress played OFDP and it shows! Let’s start a drinking game: Each time she misses, curse and take a drink!    

Two Drink Minimum – FUCK YOU CHAD! | Super Meat Boy #2

by Two Drink Minimumon December 2, 2015
Ever have a burning hatred for a certain name? Gaming Mistress has that burning, and it’s for those named Chad… or anyone else as a matter of fact.  

Two Drink Minimum – NOT HARD YET! | Super Meat Boy #1

by Two Drink Minimumon November 30, 2015
Of all the games she could have picked, Gaming Mistress went with a game she knew was going to make her rage, but the question is: When? Come join her as she plays Super Meat Boy!      

Two Drink Minimum – ANYONE GOT A SMOKE? | Party Hard #3

by Two Drink Minimumon November 27, 2015
Stuffed from Thanksgiving? Any of those handy knife skills come in handy while carving up your latest victim, er, turkey? If you didn’t learn anything, grab a pen and paper and come take some notes in the latest episode of Party Hard!  

Two Drink Minimum – KNOCK KNOCK! | Party Hard #2

by Two Drink Minimumon November 25, 2015
Just before turkey day, and we’ve got your fancy knife skills that you’ll need in order to carve that bird right up for serving! Let’s just hope that if you end up trying to sneak around, that someone in blue and red don’t come around and mess up your shortcuts!