Video Games Ripe For An Animated Adaptation Like Castlevania

by Arshad Mawlaon July 10, 2017
Castlevania is getting a new animated show that looks great! Take a look at three more video games that could benefit from such a treatment.

Dave Chappelle is Back! – Stand Up Special Review

by Ken Borteron March 22, 2017
It has been 13 long years since we have seen Dave Chappelle grace the stage for a stand up special.  13 long years since Dave vanished from the comedy and Hollywood scene.  13 long years since I have had such a great time laughing at a stand up special on tv.  Dave is back and […]

In Sickness and Undead: The Santa Clarita Diet

by Jess Johnsonon February 12, 2017
We take look at Netflix's Santa Clarita Diet. Drew Barrymore as your average working wife turned zombie. Does this series stand up to other zombie shows?

Hero For Hire: Marvel’s Luke Cage

by Jess Johnsonon October 1, 2016
The Marvel Cinematic Universe has had some ups and downs as of late. The cancellation of Marvel’s Agent Carter and the pulling the plug on the upcoming Marvel’s Most Wanted. Cable television has become the domain of the DC television series with hits like Arrow, The Flash, and Supergirl. Marvel has found a safe haven […]