Two Drink Minimum – THE CAT CAME BACK | Catlateral Damage #1

by Two Drink Minimumon April 15, 2016
Gaming Mistress takes a few swipes at some breakable things and objects that make amazing noises when they hit the ground in Catlateral Damage! Despite her not playing Binding of Isaac, someone still makes a special appearance in this video! It’s like we can’t escape it!    

Two Drink Minimum – YOUTUBE ONE YEAR!

by Two Drink Minimumon April 12, 2016
We’ve been doing Two Drink Minimum for nearly 3 years but Youtube for only a year and it has been amazing! Thank you all for those who has tuned in, joined us in our antics, and had a few drinks with us. Here’s to hoping that this next year is just as good!

Two Drink Minimum Reviews – Bombshell (PC)

by Two Drink Minimumon January 29, 2016
Jimizzle is here with Two Drink Minimum’s first game review! Brought to you by 3D Realms and Interceptor Entertainment it’s Bombshell! Does Bombshell hit the mark? Or does Shelly fizzle out? Watch and find out!  

Two Drink Minimum – NOT FEELING WELL! | One Finger Death Punch #5

by Two Drink Minimumon January 27, 2016
Grumpy and tired Gaming Mistress spends the last bit of her night killing stick figures kung fu style in One Finger Death Punch. She may have taken her frustrations out on that boss at the end…  

Two Drink Minimum – MESS UP ALL THE THINGS! | One Finger Death Punch #4

by Two Drink Minimumon December 4, 2015
It’s been some time since Gaming Mistress played OFDP and it shows! Let’s start a drinking game: Each time she misses, curse and take a drink!    

Gamescom 2015 – Xbox Details Backwards Capability for Xbox One

by Mark Kriskaon August 4, 2015
Only a few months ago, at E3 2015, Microsoft announced that the Xbox One will be receiving backwards capability at some point this year.  Today we found out just how long we have to wait.  During the Xbox conference at the Gamescom briefing in Cologne, Germany today, Microsoft announced backwards compatibility will be coming for […]