Why is Overwatch Game of The Year? It’s Simple. Cultural Impact

by Dale Worrellon February 24, 2017
What makes Overwatch Game of The Year? Overwatch is more than just a multiplayer only game, it is an expansive universe that its fans care so much about.

Life Inside the Color Blind Gamer

by Ken Borteron October 27, 2016
Playing video games is something I have done religiously since I was a small child.  My dad picked up the Sega Genesis when I was about 3 years old, fully loaded with Sonic the Hedgehog, and Mortal Kombat.  I used to just mash on buttons as my dad would unplug my controller and say how […]
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PlayStation Exclusives: Why Are All the Good Ones Taken?

by Ken Borteron April 9, 2015
Sony is truly a giant when it comes to the entertainment business. They create video games, finance movies and even make music. Sony is a powerhouse in the world of gaming and have been battling the likes of Nintendo and Microsoft for two decades now. With that said, their lack of original content and exclusives […]

Spotlight – Ocarina of Time 3DS, The Legend Lives

by Ken Borteron March 17, 2015
“I love playing Zelda! He rules!” Cue a collective of heavy sighs. We all know that person who exclaims their love for a classic video game but has no idea what they are even talking about.  Even so, video games in general have exploded over the past 30 years and people have their favorites.  Hence […]