Game 4 Interview at PAX East 2015

by Swifton March 12, 2015
PAX East a busy show floor a buzzing crowd two men in a chair. One great game and a company that continually produces some top notch games, despite only 3 former titles. With the show floor being so massive there is never enough time to take it all in or so it seems. I have […]

PAX East 2015 – The Weekly Wrap Up Episode #21

by Albert Perkinson March 8, 2015
PAX East 2015 is upon us and Albert has the latest news from PAX East week! Metal Gear Solid 5 Release Date and is it ending once and for all?  Rock Band 4 Release Date and a new vision, EA is shutting down Maxis, and Mortal Kombat X is heading to mobile!