Prey Review: Everything’s More Than Meets The Eye

by Dale Worrellon May 15, 2017
Our Prey Review is here - what did we think? Prey lives up to its ideals but has some issues that can be improved upon for a brighter future.
The Deer God

The Deer God (PlayStation 4) Review

by Rich Casselon May 1, 2017
The Deer God by Crescent Moon Games sends players on a journey of reincarnation and redemption, but could use a few more redeeming qualities itself.
destiny 2 release date

RUMOR – Destiny 2 Release Date And Beta Release Leaked?

by Ken Borteron March 23, 2017
Has the Destiny 2 Release Date been confirmed along with a beta as well? According to a poster that looks to be in Italian, the cover for Destiny 2 along with the Destiny 2 release date have been leaked.  None of this is confirmed, however, this looks pretty legit. Check it out below:   The […]

absolver logo

First Look At Absolver – PAX East 2017

by Swifton March 15, 2017
For many years any fan of martial arts has always gotten into great discussions over who’s kung fu was better than the other’s kung fu. With Absolver from Sloclap Studios we can now test who is the true master. Absolver is a hand to hand combat game that’s online and puts a true dedication to […]
ps4 firmware update

PS4 Firmware Update 4.50 Release Date

by Ken Borteron March 8, 2017
Looks like PlayStation will be releasing its next big update very soon as PS4 Firmware Update 4.5 is right around the corner!

Tequila Works talks about RiME and Nintendo Switch

by Dale Worrellon March 8, 2017
I had a chance to interview Tequila Works, the team behind the upcoming game RiME and their thoughts on the Nintendo Switch.

New Overwatch Character Soon?

by Ken Borteron February 27, 2017
Blizzard is at it again in teasing what looks to be a new Overwatch character in their major award winning game. Find out what the tease is.
shadow of war

Target Leak Reveals Middle-Earth: Shadow of War

by David Bahleon February 26, 2017
After a leak from the Target website, Shadow of War has been officially announced!
hunter's legacy

Hunter’s Legacy PS4 Review

by David Bahleon February 10, 2017
Hunter's Legacy is the first game from the independent developer Lienzo. It is a fun 2D platformer that has RPG elements to it.

Psychonauts 2 Receives Funding From New Publisher, Starbreeze Studios

by Dale Worrellon February 7, 2017
After receiving over 3 million dollars in crowdfunding through the fig platform, Double Fine has got a publisher for their upcoming game, Psychonauts 2. The game will be published by Starbreeze Studios, the company behind the Payday franchise. Starbreeze announced the partnership on their website on Monday. Double Fine is the studio behind Grim Fandango, […]